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All Faculty & Staff

Hunter Art & Art History Department, Main Campus
695 Park Avenue
11th Floor North Building
New York, NY 10065
T: 212-772-4995
Undergraduate Inquiries:
Graduate Inquiries:
Hunter College Info: 212-772-4000




William Agee, Professor,

Nebahat Avcioglu, Associate Professor,

Emily Braun, Distinguished Professor,

Wen-Shing Chou*, Assistant Professor,

Susan ColeDistinguished

Hendrik Dey, Assistant Professor,

Malik Gaines, Assistant Professor,

Cynthia Hahn, Professor,

Lynda Klich, Distinguished Lecturer,

Harper Montgomery, Distinguished Lecturer,

Maria Antonella Pelizzari, Professor,

Joachim Pissarro*, Beshad Prof. of Art Hist. & Direct. Of Hunter Galleries,

Elinor Richter, Associate Professor,,

Katy Siegel*, Professor,

Howard SingermanPhyllis and Josef Caroff Professor of Fine Arts, Dept.

Tara Zanardi, Assistant Professor,


Richard Stapleford

Wayne Dynes 

Ülkü Bates

Mary Moore

Lisa Vergara


Aleksandar Duravcevic, Visiting Assist. Prof.,

Liam Cansidine, Visiting Assist. Prof.,

Maxim Weintraub, Visiting Assist. Prof.,


Kevin Avery, Adjunct Professor,

Jonathan Fine, Adjunct Professor,

Amanda Gannaway, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Anna Jozefacka, Adjunct Lecturer,

Patricia Karetzky, Adjunct Professor, 

Alex Kitnick, Adjunct Prof.,

Lauren O'Neil Butler, Adjunct Professor,,

Ellen Prokop, Adjunct Professor,

Gregory Seiffert, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Rashmi Viswanathan, Adjunct. Assist. Prof.,


Tryn Collins, 15th/16th Floor Manager,

Jess Willa Wheaton, 15th/16th Floor Manager Assist.,

Katie Rubright, 15th/16th Floor Manager Assist.,




Assistant to Chair: Wendy Ramirez
Secretary: Anastasia Davis
Graduate Advising Assistant: Sarah Hollars
MA Graduate Advising Assistant: Laura Frantz
MFA Graduate Advising Assistant: Zac Hale
Administrative Coordinator: Hugh Walton
Gallery Curator: Sarah Watson
Assistant Curator: Annie Wischmeyer
Assistant to Director of Galleries: Jessica Gumora
The Artist's Institute: Jennifer Jaskey
Assistant to the Artist's Instit.: Rodrigo Huber
Art Center Coordinator Gallery Preparator: Phi Nguyen
IT Academic Coordinator Christina Freeman
Art/Visual Resources Librarian: Steven Kowalik skowalik@hunter.cuny.ed

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