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Nebahat Avcioglu

Professor of Art History

Nebahat Avcioglu received her BA in Architecture from Istanbul Technical University, and her PhD from the University of Cambridge, Department of History of Art. She has held several Post-Doctoral and Research Fellowships, notably at Harvard University (Aga Khan Fellow), Dumbarton Oaks, Oxford University (Barakat Trust Fellow) and Columbia University (Institute for Scholars at Reid Hall in Paris). Before joining Hunter College in August 2011 she taught at the University of Cambridge as a Newton Trust and Barakat Trust Lecturer, at University of Manchester and Sciences-Po Paris, as well as at MIT as Visiting Professor.

Prof. Avcioglu specialises in Islamic art and architecture with a particular emphasis on Ottoman/European cultural encounters. Her research interests center on dissemination and transformation of forms and cultures, theories of artistic contact, and socio-political aspects of the history of architecture from the early seventeenth century to the present. Her publications focus on imperialism, art and travel, the Enlightenment and exoticism, nineteenth century Orientalism in architecture, post-classical Istanbul and modern and contemporary mosques in Europe. Currently she is preparing a critical reader on the Islamic city and planning an exhibition and a catalogue on costume albums in collaboration with colleagues and students from a variety of disciplines.

Prof. Avcioglu offers graduate and undergraduate courses on Approaches to Islamic Art and Cultures; The Islamic City; Cultural Contacts between the Ottoman Empire and Europe; Orientalism and the Post-colonial Object; and Research Methods.





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Book and Exhibition Reviews

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Work in Progress

Art and Identity in Venice and its Territories (ed. with E. Jones) Ashgate Publishing, forthcoming.

Cultural Transfer and Early Modern Art Theories (ed. with Vicky Avery) Ashgate Publishing, forthcoming.

The Islamic City. A Critical Reader, in progress.

The Contemporary Mosque: A Cross-Cultural Analysis, in progress.

'Towards a new typology of Modern and Contemporary Mosque in Europe including Russia and Turkey' in Cambridge World History of Religious Architecture, eds. Hasan-Uddin Khan and Cynthia Robinson, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming, 2013.

'The Mosque and the City' in Public Controversies around Islam in Europe, ed. Nilüfer Göle, forthcoming, 2012.

'Le Hammam: a case of cultural rivalry between Paris and London', in Paris/London-Londres/Paris, eds. Dana Arnold and Jean-Louis Cohen, forthcoming, 2012.