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Richard Stapleford

Professor of Art History; Director of Undergraduate Studies, Art History

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Richard Stapleford received his Ph.D. from the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University in 1974 where he studied with Richard Krautheimer, Peter von Blanckenhagen and Erwin Panofsky. He works in a variety of fields including Roman, medieval and Renaissance architecture, Italian Renaissance art and Baroque art. 

He has published articles on Early Christian architecture, the collections of Lorenzo de’ Medici, Botticelli and Velázquez (as well as an occasional foray into film criticism) in various journals such as The Art Bulletin, Burlington Magazine, Rivista di archeologia Cristiana, and Artibus et historia among others. He has also curated and written exhibition catalogues on selected contemporary artists, modern landscape painting, and the development of the American movie house. He has recently completed a textbook, An Outline of Western Art and is finishing a monograph on the paintings of Botticelli and a translation of the 1494 inventory of the estate of Lorenzo de’ Medici.

At Hunter he teaches the Introduction to the History of Art, as well as: Roman Architecture, Medieval Art, The Fall of Rome, Topics in Quattrocento Florentine Art, Botticelli Studies, Topics in Renaissance Architecture.