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Graduate Advising

The Hunter MA is a large program with many students—as many as 125 at any given time.  Additionally, many of our students study part time and are not frequently on campus, working full-time during the day.  Nevertheless, the program prides itself on giving our students support and direction through advising, contact with faculty, and opportunities to learn from their fellow students. 

Essential!  Be sure the department always has your up-to-date email!

There is a primary graduate advisor.  At this time, the advisor is Professor Maria Antonella Pelizzari.  She holds regular weekly office hours and an appointment can be made by calling the department or writing .  Students should feel free to ask the advisor any questions, but queries, especially about procedure, can often be answered by Zac Hale in the Art office on the 11th floor.

There are a number of other kinds of opportunities to learn about the program.  Once admitted, students are invited to the once a semester Mixer at which faculty discuss their courses for the upcoming semester.  Before that mixer, the graduate advisor does a brief orientation for new students, but of course, continuing students can also attend and ask questions.

The graduate advisor also does an orientation for new students in the evening before they register for classes the first time on registration day (date and time will be emailed to all students).

It should be remembered that an important part of advising will be done by individual faculty in the context of thesis writing.  Students should not hesitate to contact faculty with whom they hope to work and ask questions about expectations and the process of thesis writing. 

Finally, students will find that their classmates are very supportive and full of useful information.  At their programs throughout the year, MASO, the student association, supplies sessions on exams and thesis writing, as well as offering fellowship and food.  MASO can be reached at

Although we do run a placement service for internships or jobs, we get many requests from employers about such opportunities and, as a student at Hunter, you will receive notices via your email about these.

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