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MA Thesis

Grave MarkerThe thesis topic is chosen by the student in consultation with an advisor from the faculty. Topics represent original research and interpretation at a publishable level.  Generally the thesis is begun during course work and completed in a final semester’s concentrated work.  The student works through multiple drafts in consultation with the advisor, refining and polishing the work to publishable standards.  The completed thesis is approximately 50-70 pages in length and exhibits a full scholarly textual apparatus: footnotes, bibliography, illustrations, and other relevant documentation.

The completed thesis must be delivered to the art department no later than December 15th in the fall term or May 15th in the spring term.

MA Thesis guidelines

Shuster Awards for Outstanding Master's Degree Theses

Spring 2012 Winner: Maggie Inness, History in the Making: Max Lincoln Schuster and American Photomontage between the Wars

2011 Winner: Emily Casden,  La Femme Vitale: Boccioni's Futurist Women

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