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Faculty & Staff Events
Event Gabriele Evertz-Sensory Impact, American Abstract Artists (AAA) Morgan Stanley & Co., Purchase, NY, May 1 2014 - May 1 2015,
May 01, 2014
Event Robert Hickman-Fluid Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Staten Island NY,
May 03, 2014
Event Paul Ramirez Jonas-Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum,
Jun 13, 2014
Event Paul Ramirez Jonas-We Make the Treasure Exploratorium, Pier 15, San Francisco, CA,
Jun 19, 2014
Sep 02, 2014
Event David J Wilson-Socrates Sculpture Park Socrates Sculpture Park 32-01 Vernon Boulevard Blvd @ Broadway,
Sep 07, 2014
Event Hugh Walton-Wash Your Mouth Out Romano Gallery Armstrong-Hipkins Center fo rthe Arts Blair Academy, Blairstown, NJ 07825,
Sep 08, 2014
Event Reiner Leist-Cityscapes and Memories: Measuring Absence Deutsches Haus at NYU,
Sep 09, 2014
Event Brian Wood-Spin Zero NOVELLA GALLERY 164 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002,
Sep 11, 2014
Event Katerina Lanfranco-All Worked Up Sep 12, 2014
Event Peter Dudek-Susan Hartung, Following the Line The Teaching Gallery at Hudson Valley Community College, Troy NY,
Sep 18, 2014
Event Michael Berube-#occupycommonground Church of St. Paul The Apostle, corner of Columbus Ave. and W. 60th St.,
Sep 18, 2014
Event Tryn Collins & Laura K. Frantz-Abraxas Temporary Agency 855 Wyckoff Ave. Ridgewood, NY 11385,
Sep 26, 2014
Event Gabriele Evertz-Doppler Shift 68 Elm Street Summit, NJ 07901,
Sep 28, 2014
Event Diana Cooper-Material Way 81 Barclay Street, New York, New York,
Sep 30, 2014
Event Juan Sanchez-DAY IN, DAY OUT: Art as Social Engagement El Museo Del Barrio 1230 Fifth Avenue at 104th Street New York NY 10029,
Oct 01, 2014
Event Marthe Keller-Freak Flag Oct 16, 2014
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Contact Us


Hunter Art & Art History Department, Main Campus
695 Park Avenue
11th Floor North Building
New York, NY 10065
T: 212-772-4995
Undergraduate Inquiries:
Graduate Inquiries:
Hunter College Info: 212-772-4000


(please note the Art Office is closed 1-2PM for lunch)  

Laura Frantz,, 212-772-5052
Monday 10 am - 4pm
Wednesday 10 am - 5pm
Thursday 10 am - 5pm

Sarah Hollars,, 212-650-3778
Monday 1:30pm-5:30pm
Wednesday 9am-5pm
Friday 9am-5pm

Zac Hale,, 212-772-5053
Monday - Wednesday 11AM-5PM

Hunter MFA Building
205 Hudson Street
Second Floor, Room 200
New York, NY 10013
T: 212-396-7301

Art History & Galleries

For queries regarding the MA program, contact:
Laura Frantz

Howard Singerman
Phyllis and Josef Caroff Professor of Fine Arts, Dept. Chair

Cynthia Hahn
Director, Art History Program
Deputy Chair, Department of Art and Art History

Gabriele Evertz
Director, Studio Art Program
Deputy Chair, Department of Art and Art History

Nebahat Avcioglu
Director of Graduate Studies, Art History

Joel Carreiro
Director of Graduate Studies, Studio Art

Joachim Pissarro
Director of the Hunter College Galleries
11090 HN

Katy Siegel
Chief Curator, Hunter College Galleries
1500E HN

Lynda Klich
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Art History

Thomas Weaver
Director of Undergraduate BFA Program, Studio Art


Nebahat Avcioglu, Associate Professor,

Drew Beattie, Distinguished Lecturer,

Andrea Blum, Professor,

Daniel Bozkov, Associate Professor,

Emily Braun, Distinguished Professor,

Joel Carreiro, Professor,

Wen-Shing Chou, Assistant Professor,

Susanna Cole, Distinguished Lecturer,

Susan Crile, Professor,

Lisa Corinne Davis, Professor,

Constance De Jong, Distinguished Lecturer,

Hendrik Dey, Assistant Professor,

Gabriele Evertz, Professor,

Malik Gaines, Assistant Professor,

Cynthia Hahn, Professor,

Valerie Jaudon, Professor,

Lynda Klich, Distinguished Lecturer,

Reiner Leist, Associate Professor,

Jeffrey Mongrain, Professor,

Harper Montgomery, Distinguished Lecturer,

Carrie Moyer, Associate Professor,

Maria Antonella Pelizzari, Professor,

Joachim Pissarro*, Beshad Prof. of Art Hist. & Direct. Of Hunter Galleries,

Paul Ramirez Jonas*, Associate Professor,

Juan Sanchez, Professor,

Katy Siegel, Professor,

Howard Singerman, Phyllis and Josef Caroff Professor of Fine Arts, Dept. Chair,

Nari Ward, Professor,

Thomas Weaver, Professor,

Brian Wood, Professor,

Tara Zanardi, Assistant Professor,


Aleksandar Duravcevic, Visiting Assist. Prof.,

Jenny Jaskey, Visiting Prof.,

Katerina Lanfranco, Visiting Prof.,

Andrew Mockler, Visiting Prof.,

Catherine Morris, Visiting Prof.,

Bruce Porter, Visiting Assist. Prof.,

Lynn Sullivan, Visiting Assist. Prof.,

Maxim Weintraub, Visiting Assist. Prof.,


Kevin Avery, Adjunct Professor,

Michael Berube, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Edward Bleiderg, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Rebecca Brown, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Vivian Bucarelli, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Kim de Beaumont, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Trynn Collins, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Liam Considine, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Eileen Costellow, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Kerry Downey, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Peter Dudek, Adjunct Assoc. Prof.,

Jenny Ernst, Adjunct Professor,

Laura Frantz, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Christinia Freeman, Adjunct Asist. Prof.,

Baris Gokturk, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Julio Grinblatt, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Zachary Hale, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Gail Heidel, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Robert Hickman, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Kimberly Hoeckele, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Sarah Hollars, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Katarina Isaksson, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Anna Jozefacka, Adjunct Lecturer,

Marthe Keller, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Laura Sue King (Phillips), Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Eric Lee, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Miguel Luciano, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Alice Lynne McMichael, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Colette Murphy, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Katie Murray, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Sana Musasama, Adjunct Assoc. Prof.,

Erika Nelson, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Mat Nolen, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Jiyoung Park, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Ted Parton, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Ana Perry, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Ben Peterson, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Rebecca Pollack, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Shawn Powell, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Ellen Prokop, Adjunct Professor,

Adams Puryear, Adjunct Assistant Prof.,

Sarada Rauch, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Patricia Rocco, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Michael Steger, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Miguel Trelles, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Joanie Turbek, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Luisa Valle, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

Mary Valverde, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,

David Wilson, Adjunct Assist. Prof.,


205 Hudson:

Tyler King, Photo Studio,

Adams Puryear, Sculpt. Studio,

Greagory Wittler, Clay & Casting,

Freya Powell, Graphics,

68th Street:

Paul Krause, Ceramics,

Jiyoung Park, Graphics,

Shawn Powell, Painting,

Kay Saida, Photo. & Comb. Media,

David Wilson, Sculpture,

Jean Seestadt, 15th/16th Floor Manager,




Assistant to Chair: Wendy Ramirez
Undergraduate Advising Asst. Anastasia Davis
Graduate Advising Assistant: Sarah Hollars
MA Graduate Advising Assistant: Laura Frantz
MFA Graduate Advising Assistant: Zac Hale
Administrative Coordinator: Hugh Walton
Gallery Curator: Sarah Watson
Assistant Curator: Annie Wischmeyer
Assistant to Director of Galleries: Jessica Gumora
The Artist's Institute: Jennifer Jaskey
Assistant to the Artist's Instit.: Rodrigo Huber
Art Center Coordinator Gallery Preparator: Phi Nguyen
IT Academic Coordinator Christina Freeman
Art/Visual Resources Librarian: Steven Kowalik
MFA Manager: Timothy Laun
Assistant to the MFA Manager: Carlos Rigau
Assistant to the MFA Manager: Catalina Viejo

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