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Registration & Infromation

  • All Auditor's must contact the professor directly to be allowed to register for a course.  The Art office DOES NOT have the ability to give Auditor's permission to register for courses without specific permissions from the respective professor.  Contact infromation for all professors can be found via the following link:
  • MFA courses do not accept Auditors, Non-Degree Students, nor ePermit students
  • To take a Graduate Art Histor courses as a Non-Degree, Auditor, or ePermit student you must contact the professor of the course you wish to take first, once they have approved you contact the Graduate Advisor Assistant Laura Frantz ( or the Undergraduate Department ( with a copy of the acceptance email attched to your email.
  • ePermit students coming to Hunter must first confirm with the respective professor that they will be allowed into the course, do not assume just because you have an ePermit that you can take any course offered in our department. (