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TA's Needed for Undergraduate Painting and Sculpture

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Gabriele Evertz
Undergraduate Painting (Beg./Adv.) 
1:10pm - 4:50pm, Thursdays
Special focus is color/abstraction

Gabriele Evertz <> to apply

TA Positions open for Undergraduate Sculpture Spring 2014 classes on Monday afternoon & evenings with Professor Dave McKenzie.  Other TA possibilities on Tuesday & Thursday as well. TAing may be for elective credit towards degree or not-for-credit.

To TA for elective credit, student must have completed mid-program and have general experience working with wood shop equipment.  TAing for credit will include holding an additional 3-hour open shop for the students, working with students from all classes on developing and executing their projects and overseeing safe use of equipment.  In class, TA will work one-on-one with students, helping them to develop their ideas and means to build class projects during open class work time and TA will participate in the class critiques that follow each of the four assignments.  (Possibility for TA for credit to hold open studio hours without use of woodworking equipment.)

Please email and cc: both Nari Ward at and Lynn Sullivan at for more information.