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LANE RELYEA with Katy Siegel

LANE RELYEA with Katy Siegel

Portrait of Lane Relyea. Pencil on paper by Phong Bui.

Upon the release of his latest book, Your Everyday Art World, Lane Relyea met with Katy Siegel to discuss the historical and future implications of DIY, contemporary post-studio practices, and the the rising art world institution.The conversation took place in front of a standing-room-only crowd at Regina Rex, a collaboratively curated exhibition space committed to engagement and dialogue with other artists.

Katy Siegel (Rail): Your book is unusual in being truly polemical and critical, qualities in low supply right now. And it’s also personal; you write about recent history that you’ve lived through. Most unusually, you implicate yourself in a lot of the things that you complain about. 

Lane Relyea: In the ’80s I edited art magazines, one in Los Angeles and one in the Twin Cities, and we focused a lot of attention on certainDIY and subculture fads—extreme literature, zines, postal art, role-playing communities, pirate radio. . . 

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