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Minerva Art Academy - Hanzehogeschool Groningen


Minerva Art Academy
A dynamic place with an international perspective

Welcome to Minerva Art Academy, a dynamic place for students with the talent, enthusiasm and dedication to prepare for a professional life as artist, designer or teacher in creative arts. We offer several English Bachelor and Master Programmes in Fine Arts and Design. Our approach is focused on developing and stimulating your talent, opportunities and creativity, encouraging you to experiment. Of course we will also help you find the right media, both in terms of craft and in digital applications.

Frank Mohr International Masters (FMI Masters)

Masters of Fine Art
Painting (English)
Interactive Media and Environments (English)

In this brochure you will find the information about our English programmes.

Project Offices

Minerva Art Academy believes it is important for you to test your work in practice. Can you detect
the relationship between art and design and its environment? Is your client truly satisfied with the design? How does the public respond to your work?

The Project Office/AMP for art and design and the Project Office Pop Culture offer you the opportunity to test your work professionally. Our mentors hand out assignments drawn from fine arts, graphic design, photography, interior design, music and time-based media. You will develop drafts, produce concepts

and designs and present these to the client. It is very important that you learn to complete your assignment on time and within budget. Throughout the project you will work under the supervision of our coordinators at the Office and your mentor or lecturer.

Hanze Honours College

If you are ambitious and excel in your field
of study, you may be able to join the honours programme – a challenging route for talented

students. The honours programme will challenge you, beyond the scope of the bachelor programme, to think critically and engage with other top students.
The honours programmes of Hanze UAS forms the Hanze Honours College.

Preparing you for your future
as a creative professional
At our Academy your individual, creative development in your chosen field is central. We will do everything
to encourage your growth and guide your talent.
In addition you also need a good preparation for a professional practice. That is why at our Academy you will be able to extend your perspective beyond your own work. We use various approaches to help you to do this. Your lecturers are experienced professionals themselves with their own professional practice as artists, designers or academics. As a fundamental part
of the study programme the Academy organises many activities aimed at the professional practice, such as project weeks with guest lecturers, reading programmes, study days, exhibitions and excursions.

The international perspective

Getting to know the international perspective is important for your future as an artist or designer.
You are obviously well aware of this fact. Studying
at Minerva Art Academy doesn’t mean you will be confined to the Dutch perspective. On the contrary. Our programmes have a significant focus on international art. Lectures will frequently explore
the work of foreign artists and we often invite guest lecturers from abroad. Students and teaching staff take part in study trips and excursions to countries such as Germany, Belgium, Italy, the United States, China and 
Japan. We maintain exchange programmes with various art academies and universities in Europe, the United States and Asia