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Studio Internships

Hi :

I am Professor Jeffrey Mongrain of the Hunter College Department of Art and Art History and will be the faculty member in charge if the Art Studio (In-service) Internship Program. Below and attached are the Art Studio Internship Guidelines as well as a listing of Internship Possibilities for Studio.

This Program will allow you a professional experience for credit with an approved gallery, artist, museum, or art related organization.  This is a significant opportunity to begin to establish contacts and experience beyond the university related to your art interests.

I will be able to assist with placing you in an internship after you tell me your interests or you may meet with me to discuss possibilities for an internship.  I will contact the artist/organization on your behalf to explain the Hunter Internship Program. 

This Internship Program is available for this coming summer as well as Fall 2014.  This professional related course may be taken for 1 to 3 credits.  I will be available for an advising session Wednesday April 30th at 1:00 in the North Building on the 11th Floor across from the Art Office. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


All the Best, 

Jeffrey Mongrain 




*         Prepare for application procedures the semester ahead of internship application. Many institutions fill internship well in advance. Apply and interview for internships well in advance of the beginning of the semester.

*         Your internship should take place in your junior or senior year after you have completed at least 12 credits in the major (in addition to the pre-requisites, ARTLA 101 & ARTCR 221).  You  must  have a  minimum  GPA of 2.5 to qualify for internship credit.

*         Write a resume draft that will be used as your internship application in most cases.

*         When an internship has been received and accepted, have your Internship Supervisor fill out the project description form.

*         Schedule an appointment with the Internship Coordinator in Career Development Services (Ms. Paula Wicklow; 212-772-4850; HE 805). You may suggest an institution you wish to work at, in which case the supervisor/manager at the host institution will write a description of the internship for Ms. Wicklow, or she will direct you to several volumes of host institutions that are already approved by Hunter.

       On average, a student may earn 3 credits for 10 hours of apprenticeship work per week.  However, you can earn up to 6 credits depending on how many hours you will work. A maximum of 3 internship credits may be applied toward the major. (And are graded on the Credit (C)/No Credit (NC) policy.) Note: CR grades have no effect on grade point average. 

*         Bring the project description form to the Director of Art Studio Internship Program for approval and assignment of proper amount of credits.

*         After you have received approval, please bring your signed form to Department of Art & Art History for registration permission on CUNYfirst. The Art & Art History office assistant will make a copy of your form and   file it for departmental records.

*         Register for ARTCR 498 for Art Studio internship on CUNYfirst.

*         Return Internship Project Description form to the Internship Coordinator in Career Development Services, Room 805 East. 

*         Prepare and hand in your assigned 2-3 page paper describing your experience, your supervisor s/manager s signed & sealed evaluation letter on letterhead to the Director of Undergraduate Art Studio Internship or the Art Office by the last day of classes of the semester.

*         Update your resume for future internship and job opportunities.


Internship Possibilities for students in the Department of Art & Art History

Studio Art advisor:

Professor Jeffrey Mongrain

Art History advisor: 

Professor Wengshing Chou


Come see us to discuss your interests.  We suggest casting your net widely, and thinking broadly about institutions, organizations, and individuals with whom you could do an internship.


1) Museums

*Review museum websites early on in your search. Large institutions such as MoMA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, Brooklyn, New Museum, etc. have competitive internship programs with early, and firm, deadlines.  Also think about applying to smaller institutions, and museums "off the beaten" track, especially for your first internship:

American Folk Art Museum

Asia Society

Bronx Museum

The Drawing Center 

International Center of Photography (ICP)

The Jewish Museum

El Museo del Barrio

Museum for African Art

Museum of Art and Design (MAD)

Museum of the City of New York 

Neue Galerie

New-York Historical Society

Queens Museum

Rubin Museum 

Studio Museum of Harlem

Tenement Museum


2) Auction Houses

Sotheby's and Christie's have established, and competitive, internship programs. Also consider smaller auction houses such as Bohnam's, Doyles, Swann, Posters Auctions International 


3) Galleries

Get a Gallery Guide, or look in Time Out, the New York Times; see which galleries show the type of art that interests you. Send out your resume in bulk. 

Ask your professors, many have connections at galleries throughout NYC.


4) Studio in a School 

Has three internship programs: Bloomberg Art Mentor, Studio Art Mentor, and Arts Inter

*These programs have FAFSA requirements.


5) Catalogue Raisonné Projects

Check out catalogues in process on the IFAR website.

(Deselect "published catalogues" and press "go" for a list of catalogues in process)


6) Foundations & Organizations


Association of Art Museum Curators 

College Art Association

Cue Art Foundation 

DIA Art Foundation 

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts 

Flag Art Foundation

Independent Curators International (ICI)

International Foundation for Art Research (IFA)

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center


7) Artist's Foundations 

Calder Foundation 

Judd Foundation 


8) Online organizations & Publications


ArtNet Auctions 

Brooklyn Rail

Triple Canopy 


9) Artist's Studio Assistant

Ask your professors and fellow students. Many of our M.A. 

Students work in artist's studios and can make useful contacts