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Scholarships & Awards

Applications for KPF awards and grants will be announce via email and the A&AH website throughout the year when applicable. All other current scholarships and awards given by the Hunter Art & Art History Department are done so by nomination only.


  • The Scholarships & Awards committee meets once a year in the Spring semester and is given nominations by current Professors.  Awards are distributed to MA, MFA, BFA, and Undergraduates based on the nominee's current status in the program, GPA, and the nominating faculty member's letter of recommendation.  Kossak Painting Fellowships awards and grants are distributied by the KPF comittee. 
  • Students will be notified of any awards by hunter email so it is crucial to check one's Hunter inbox regularly or have messages forwarded to one's prefered email account.  It is also important to update one's mailing address and other contact infromation at the Hunter College Oaisis.  Funds are many times disbursed by mail and if a student's mailing address is out of date they may not recieve their scholarship/award.
  • For most awards the student is required to fill out a FAFSA through the Federal Goverment in order to be eligible for said funds.  For more information about Financial Aid and assistance offered by Hunter College please visit their website:
  • You may also want to check out the Hunter College Scholarship and Award website: