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Theory & Criticism Curatorial Projects

MFA & MA students at Hunter College in the Class of Valerie Jaudon & Joachim Pissarro @ 205 Hudson

Class Log April 8th-Izabela Gola and Isaac Aden showed.

Class Log April 1st-George Weinberg and Joe Anthony Brown showed.

Class Log March 25th-

Valerie Jaudon and I were impressed by the level of professionalism, and intelligence displayed by MFAs and MAs in these first two curatorial sessions.

As Isaac Aden put it, the bar was placed high - we will see what happens next Tuesday.

The first two MFAs having worked out an installation and presentation of their works, with their curatorial team, were : Sara Murphy (room 210) - and on her curatorial team were : Susan Vanermellen, Paula Kupfer and Roman Cochet; and Jenna Westra (310) - and on her curatorial team were : Joan Reutershan, Wei Xiaoguang and Elena Kakuriev.