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Constance De Jong

Professor of Art / Combined media


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Constance DeJong is an artist and writer who produces fiction texts and language/image based work for performance and theater, audio and video installations. For twenty years, she has worked on performances that combine spoken word texts with audio, video and interactive elements.

With Tony Oursler and Stephen Vitiello, DeJong authored "Fantastic Prayers," a series of performances, installation and a CD ROM art work produced by Dia Center for the Arts. DeJong also created a number of permanent outdoor audio installations produced by Minetta Brook in London, Beacon New York, Seattle and New York City. She collaborated on "SuperVision," a 2006 Builders Association theater production that premiered at the Walker Museum (Minneapolis) and BAM (NYC); is librettist for "Satyagraha: MK Gandhi In South Africa," a Philip Glass opera; new production April 2008, Metropolitan Opera, NYC. DeJong is launching an on-line available edition of audio/visual objects, 2008, "Spirit Table," "Lamplight," "Go Chair." Found, a new novel, will be published late 2011 and accompanied by a series of media-spoken word performances.