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Gabriele Evertz

Professor of Art, Painting

gabriele evertz

Emphasizing color intensity and existential expression, my work has as its goal a certain kind of rapture.

I am interested in the sensation and perception of color interactions. My visual language consists of simple geometric elements such as squares and stripes because their basic formal units de-emphasize the viewer’s concern for shapes. Aesthetic content is derived from color, its quantity, location, and interaction. The uniform precision of the painting facture frees the viewer to concentrate on color effects, which change with viewing distance and duration. In the process temporal effects reveal sensations of light.

My painting intentionally addresses the viewer’s physicality. The sudden color shifts and light emanations that come with immersive viewing are the rewards the painting bestows. Vision, feeling, and thought can interact within the empathetic viewer while experiencing the painting’s color and light shifts. The viewer becomes a partner, thus completing the meaning of the painting.

Gabriele Evertz was born in Berlin, Germany and she currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.