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MFA Admission FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the MFA Admissions Process

Q: Who is eligible to apply to the MFA program?

A: MFA applicants must have an undergraduate baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution (BA, BFA or BS), and MUST HAVE 24 credits in studio art and 9 credits in art history from an accredited institution. Applicants must have maintained a 3.0 GPA overall, and a 3.0 GPA in art courses. Applicants who already hold an MFA in studio art are not eligible to apply.

Q: Do I need to submit GRE scores?

A:  No the GRE is not required for the MFA program applicaiton process.

Q: How much does the application cost?

A:  The general application through Hunter College Graduate Admissions is $125.00 the required SlideRoom submission of images is $15.00.

Q: How much will tuition cost?

A:  You can calculate the cost of tuition via the following link:
International students are considered "Non-NY State" residents.  Normally stuents will take six to nine credits per semester in the Fall and Spring semesters.  Summer and Winter courses are not offered for MFA Graduate studies.

Q: Regarding the admission requirements, what is considered a studio art class and an art history class?

A: Only classes labeled as studio art or art history on your transcript will count towards the admission requirements.

Q: Can you accept classes taken at non-accredited institutions?

A: Only classes taken at regionally accredited institutions for credit can be used to fulfill the admission requirements.

Q: Are there any exceptions made to the admission requirements? Can I be given credit for life experience?

A: We cannot make any exceptions to the admission requirements, and we cannot count life experience in place of college credit.

Q: Can I apply to more than one concentration?

A: Applicants must choose only one concentration to apply to.

Q: Is it possible to have my portfolio reviewed before I apply?

A: We cannot review any portfolios before the application deadline or outside of the application process.

Q: Can I have an extension to the application deadline?

A: We cannot offer any extensions to the application deadline.

Q: Are transcripts required? How can I submit them?

A: In support of your application, Hunter College requires you scan and upload transcripts from ALL post-secondary institutions you have attended, including graduate and undergraduate institutions where you earned (or will earn) a degree, studied for one semester or more, or study abroad. If you are admitted, you will be required to submit official transcripts from ALL institutions you have attended, regardless of the number of credits earned.

Instructions for submitting your transcripts can be found here

Q: Is a resume/CV required? How can I submit it? 

A: A resume or CV is optional, and can be uploaded in the "Work History" section of the Graduate Application for Admission

Q: What are the requirements for the digital images to be submitted for the portfolio?

A: Any jpeg image less than 5MB is acceptable. The recommended image size is approximately 1024 px by 768 px (72 ppi).

Q: How many images may I submit?

A: 10 are required and no more are permitted.

Q: Who do I contact for technical support with slideroom?

A: Email:

Q: Can I submit video?

A: Combined Media Applicants may upload up to 3 minutes of video work; we no longer accept any portfolio items through the mail.

Q: How long should the statement of purpose be?

A: Approximately 750 words. The Statement of Purpose is an artist’s statement explaining the ideas central to your approach, artists and thinkers who have affected your practice, your goals and aspirations.

Q: How many students apply?

A: We receive close to 800 applications.

Q: How many students are accepted?

A: Space is strictly limited, so we are only able to accept approximately 20 students per incoming class.

Q: Do you accept students for the spring as well as the fall?

A: January 15th is our only application deadline. From the pool of applicants we receive, will accept students for the fall and the following spring semesters.

Q: When will I hear if I have received an interview?

A: You should receive notification by mid-March.

Q: When will I hear if I have been accepted?

A: You should receive acceptance by early April.

Q: Can you tell me why I was not accepted?

A: It is impossible to offer critiques of work or give more specific feedback, as many different faculty members are involved in the admissions process.