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ANTHC 311.51: Anthropology of Music and the Arts
Jonathan Shannon, Associate Professor

What is art? And what might an anthropology of art be like? This course explored those questions by looking at academic texts concerning art and its production and circulation as well as devoting significant time to experiencing the visual and performing arts.

Throughout the semester, students attended museum exhibitions and creative performances as well as interacted with working artists from a variety of disciplines. Composer Alexandre Tannous, dancer Patricia Winter, and Brooklyn Museum gallery/studio coordinator Maya Valladares visited class to speak about the relationship between anthropology and their respective art forms. Students also visited BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) to hear a lecture by choreographer and dancer Bill T. Jones.


ASTRO 101: Introduction to Astronomy
Kelle Cruz, Assistant Professor
Daniele Pinna, Lecturer

Untrained astronomers find it difficult to see the difference between conceptual and real images of astronomical objects. Understanding the difference between the two involves matters suc