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Donald Vogel

Communication Sciences



Dr. Don Vogel, AuD, is full-time faculty at Hunter College, Director of the Hunter College Center for Communication Disorders and on faculty at the CUNY Graduate Center's AuD Consortium. He has taught audiology-related courses including Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory System, Introduction to Audiology, and Audiology for Speech-Language Pathologists. Dr. Vogel completed his Doctor of Audiology degree at Central Michigan University and Master of Science in Audiology at Adelphi University. He serves on the Executive Committee for the AuD Program and is Admissions Committee Chair for both the COMSC and CUNY AuD Programs. Dr. Vogel has lectured nationally at audiology associations on subjects relating to clinical and professional issues such as middle ear disease, sudden hearing loss, auditory brainstem response testing, vestibular assessment and management, professional employment, and workplace professionalism.

Description of research:

Dr. Vogel has worked as an audiologist for over 30 years, initially serving visually impaired individuals at the Industrial Home for the Blind in Hempstead, NY; acted as consultant in occupational hearing for Industrial Health, Inc, Palo Alto, CA; served as senior clinical audiologist at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, and Coordinator of Audiology at Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospitals in Manhattan. During his tenure at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Vogel developed the site's Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program. He co-developed the Lenox Hill Balance Management Center for evaluating and treating patients with disorders relating to balance and dizziness. Currently, he conducts hearing testing at YAI for autistic and special needs populations, pediatric and adult.

Research Interests:

  1. Hearing Screening and Audiological Diagnostics of Adults and Children in MR/DD populations
  2. Audiometric Graphics
  3. Professional Issues in Supervision Credentialing

Research and internship opportunities for students:

Students are welcome to make appointments at the Hunter College Center for Communication Disorders to undergo speech-language, hearing and auditory processing testing so they may know what clients and patients experience in our center.

Courses related to ASD that Dr. Vogel is teaching:

Audiology for Speech-Language Pathologists