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Morning Session

9:30 - 10:00AM     Breakfast & Registration

10:00-10:15AM     Welcome Remarks
                                    Jennifer Raab, President of Hunter College
                                    Shirlee Taylor, Director of the FAR fund

10:15-10:25AM     Opening Remarks
                                    Michael Siller

10:25-11:25AM     Morning Panel Presentations
                                    Wendy Stone, Susan Hyman, Barbara Kalmanson, 
                                    Alice Carter, Marilyn Rubinstein, Laura Slatkin

11:25-12:10AM     Morning Panel Conversation
                                    Moderated by Alice Carter

12:10-1:30PM        Breakout Groups & Lunch
                                    Topic 1: Implementing Developmental Surveillance and Screening
                                    Topic 2: Communicating with Parents about Diagnosis and Intervention 
                                    Topic 3: Making Appropriate Referrals

1:30-2:15PM          Morning Panel Reconvenes
                                     Moderated by Michael Siller


Afternoon Session

2:15-3:05PM          Afternoon Panel Presentations
Amy Wetherby, Gary Mesibov, Michael Ganz, 
                                    Donna Noyes-Grosser, Peter Bell

3:05-3:50AM          Afternoon Panel Conversation
                                    Moderated by Alice Carter

3:50-5:00PM          Breakout Groups and Coffee
                                    Topic 1: Developing Appropriate Services
                                    Topic 2: Making Appropriate Services Accessible to Families
                                    Topic 3: Funding Appropriate Services

5:00-5:45PM          Afternoon Panel Reconvenes
                                   Moderated by Michael Siller

5:45-6:00PM          Closing Remarks
Fred Volkmar

6:00-7:00PM          Wine, Cheese, and hors d'oeuvres