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Catalyst Activities

THis will have a short description of the many activities and seminars available to Catalyst Scholars


Catalyst Seminar

Each semester the Catalyst Scholarship Program runs a the 1-credit STEM seminar designed to provide a venue for scholars to meet regularly, to engage in research on various aspects of the Catalyst disciplines to better prepare scholars for future multi and interdisciplinary careers.

This page is devoted to information on the current semester for the Seminar as well as for past semesters since 2009, the year The Catalyst Program began.


Spring 2012

The first semester of the Catalyst Seminar new Cohort (Fall 2011 – Spring 2013) is devoted to Exposure and Connections and to this end, topics that involve all of the disciplines participating in the program will be covered in exciting seminars. The first series of Exposure and Connections was run in Spring of 2010 in a similar fashion, with a minor difference in scientists presenting the lectures.  Information on the 2010 Exposures and Connections can be obtained here.

Spring 2012 STEM Seminar: Exposure and Connections
click here for a list of readings and the schedule

High-latitude forcing of interior ocean δ13C
Catalyst Seminar Meeting #3 February 29th 1-3pm, Room 1022HN
Topic: High Latitude Forcing of Interior Ocean δ13C  
Speaker: Professor Randye Rutberg, Environmental Earth Science

Rip Current Review
Catalyst Seminar Meeting #2 February 15th 1-3pm, Room 1022HN
Topic: Rip Currents  
Speaker: Professor Frank Buonaiuto, Environmental Earth Science
Please read the assigned reading before the meeting.

Quantile Curve Estimation and Visualization for Nonstationary Time Series/a>
Catalyst Seminar Meeting #5 May 2nd 1-3pm, Room 1022HN
Topic: Space-time modeling and prediction of probability distribution functions and quantiles for environmental processes
Speaker: Professor Dana Sylvan, Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Please read the assigned reading before the meeting.


Spring 2011

Course Description & Schedule

Our first meeting this semester was a discussion of possible research topics. Our ten catalyst scholars were divided into two research groups. Each group will find a research project and work through it during the entire semester. According to the constraints of the Catalyst program, all disciplines must be represented in the work. The disciplines represented are Environmental Earth Science, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. Our meetings take place every other Wednesday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm in room 1022 Hunter North.

Our groups have been divided thus:

Team A
Team B
Grace Carey - Computer Science
Alannah Bennie - Math
Ilya Korsunsky - Computer Science
James Davis - Computer Science
Arjunen Kutayiah - Physics
Andriy Goltsev - Computer Science
Kathleen McGovern - Math
Bruno Pinto - Physics
Lauren Swaddell - Environmental Earth Science
Tracy Tran - Environmental Earth Science
 Project Title:
The Power of Tides
 Project Title:
Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of Photon Recycling


Fall 2010

Our theme this semester was based on the article "On the Upwelling of Downwelling Currents." by R. P. Matano and E. D. Palma (2008, J. Physical Oceanography, Vol. 38, 2482-2499). This course was designed to highlight the connections between mathematics, computer science, geoscience and physics. More details are provided below in the course description. We include here some of the work compiled and presented in meetings by the Scholars. 




Course Description & Schedule

Analytical Solution to the Heat Equation

Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics 



Other Activities 2011


Fall 2011

Our first ‘meet and greet’ of the semester took place on Wednesday, September 21. A new cohort was introduced to the Catalyst community. See welcome package here and general information therein.

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