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Sustainability Watch

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On Earth Day in April 2007, Mayor Bloomberg announced plaNYC2030 and presented it as a bold and comprehensive strategy to address the challenges of population growth, aging infrastructure, and the environment. The plan set forth ten broad goals and 127 different initiatives to address issues affecting land, water, transportation, energy, air, and climate change.  Four years later in April 2011, an updated version of the plan was announced, providing information regarding the project's progress as well as the introduction of many new initiatives including the regulation of heating fuels, planting one million trees, and the reduction of green house gases. Whether we praise or criticize the details of the plan, it is important to keep alive the many discussions about long-term sustainability in New York City. Sustainability Watch aims to look at how the plan is working, gaps between the stated goals and the practice of city agencies, and ways to improve the plan.This is an opportunity for open public discussion about a range of city policies, and a first concerted attempt to tackle thorny environmental problems. Sustainabilty Watch was intiated in partnership with Gotham Gazette

 Brian Paul -- "PlaNYC: A Model of Public Participation or Corporate Marketing?" (2011)

Dan Miner --  "How to Get Civic Groups More Involved in PlaNYC - To Make City Efforts More Sustainable." (2011)

Tom Angotti-- "Is New York's Sustainability Plan Sustainable?" (2008)

Tom Angotti, Paige Cowett and Shira Siegel -- "New York's Open Schoolyards Initiative: Will Artificial Turf Make it a Public Health Hazard?" (2008)

Elana Behar -- "The Green Cart Initiative -- Will it Work?" (2008)

Paige Cowett -- "New York's Sustainability Plan: Trailblazer or Copycat?" (2008)

Paige Cowett -- "From Potholes to Planning: Will the City's Transportation Agency Change Course?" (2008)

 Donovan Finn -- "New York City’s PlaNYC Initiative: Does Greener Really Mean Greater?" (2008)

 Peter Marcuse -- "PlaNYC is not a Plan and it is not for NYC" (2008)

Nevin Cohen -- "Food Policy Offers Tasty Morsels, Not a Complete Meal" (July)

Tom Angotti -- "Mayor Still Looks to Building and Zoning to Ease Housing Crunch" (July)

Dan Steinberg -- "Making a Greener Economoy a Fairer Economy" (July)

Tom Angotti and Melissa Checker -- "Keeping Watch on a Plan for a Greener New York" (May)

Eve Baron and Alyssa Katz -- "Participatory Planning: The Sustainability Plan's Missing Piece" (May)

Melissa Checker -- "City Brownfield Program Clean Sites, But Who Benefits?" (May)

Anne Schwartz -- "Trying to Create a More Permeable New York" (May)

Gail Robinson -- "Bloomberg Environmental Plan Offers Lots of Parts, Little Controversy" (April)

2010 Sustainability Watch Articles

Brian Paul -- "How "Transit-Oriented Development" Will Put More New Yorkers in Cars" (April)

Tom Angotti -- "PlaNYC at Three: Time to Include the Neighborhoods" (April)

Furman Center -- "How Have Recent Rezonings Affected the City's Ability to Grow?" (March)

Adam Friedman -- "Transforming the City's Manufacturing Landscape" (January)

2009 Sustainability Watch Articles

Courtney Gross -- "City Gears Up for Green Buildings" (April)

Courtney Gross -- "The Brooklyn-Queens Border: As Polluted as Ever" (May)

Gotham Gazette Staff -- "Toxic Town" (May)

David Von Spreckelsen -- "On the Gowanus, Say 'No' to Superfund" (May)

Melissa Checker -- "Staten Island's Toxic Stew" (May)

Joshua Verleun -- "Brooklyn's Lavender Lake Needs a Superfund" (May)

2008 Sustainability Watch Articles

Melissa Checker -- "Climate Change Could Threaten a Green Willets Point" (August)

Rich Kassel -- "How the City Has Reduced Soot" (July)

Tom Angotti -- "The Past and Future of Sustainability" (June)

Melissa Checker -- "A Community Plan for the 'Highway to Nowhere'" (May)

Rich Kassel -- "A Smoother Ride for Cycling in the City" (May)

Rich Kassel -- "Making Black Cars Green" (April)

Evan Mason -- "An Unknown Urban Forest" (April)

Jody Kass & Mathy Stanislaus -- "Reclaiming the City's Abandoned Land" (April)

Dave Lutz -- "Blocking the Sun: Solar in the City" (April)

Jacquie Berger --  "A More Secure Way to Feed to City" (April)

Basil Seggos -- "Cleaning Up a Creek" (April)

Micaela Birmingham -- "The Need for a Parks Plan" (April)

Tom Waters -- "As City Grows, Affordable Housing Shrinks" (April)

Maggie Clarke -- "Making Zero Waste Part of the Plan" (April)

Dave Lutz -- "Jumpstarting the Greenways System" (April)

Joan Byron -- "Bridging New York's Transit Gap" (April)

Tom Angotti -- "Is the Long-term Sustainability Plan Sustainable?" (April)

David Wheeler -- "Reclaiming New York's Blighted Waters" (April)

Graham T. Beck -- "Street Closures and the Battle of Prince Street" (April)

Mike Muller -- "A City by the Sea -- or Under It?" (March)

Anne Schwartz -- "Concerns Grow but the Grass Doesn't" (February)

Tom Angotti -- "The Race to Develop a Toxic Waterway" (February)

Rich Kassel -- "Next Steps for Congestion Pricing" (January)

Tom Angotti -- "Setting Standards for Green Neighborhoods" (January)

2007 Sustainability Watch Articles

Tom Angotti -- "Greening City Schoolyards" (November)

Jeremy Miller -- "Cleaning Up New York’s Buildings" (October)

Thurman William Mathis -- "Storm Warnings" (September)

Rich Kassel -- "How Clean (or Dirty) Is Our Air?" (September)

Tom Angotti -- "Making Coney Island Green" (September)