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Career Success Building Blocks (tm)

Each course in The Career Success Building Blocks Series will include three 75-minute interactive workshops in which participants will master a building block, a completed Resume and/or preparation for Interviews. There will be comprehensive lectures and breakout groups, guided by a career coach, in which each participant will apply knowledge from the lecture.

To find out more and meet Win Sheffield, RSVP for our OPEN HOUSE: Monday 3/15, 6-7pm

The Strategic Resume:

How to Make Your Resume Serve You and Get the Meeting $195
Monday 3/29-4/12, 6-7:15pm

Your resume needs to convey what you have done, sure. But more than that, your resume has to convey that you are the right candidate and that you can do the job required. Learn how to incorporate your power in your resume so reviewers will immediately know what you stand for and the value you can provide to them.


In this talk you will learn:

What the resume is and what it can do (and what it cannot)
* How to create a resume that positions you for the job you want
* How to create a resume that you can adapt with minimal ongoing effort
* The importance of distinguishing yourself from your competition

For a preview of this topic, please listen to 5-minute microcasts here:

Reimagining the Interview:

Claim Your Power in the Interview Game $195
Monday 4/19-5/3, 6-7:15pm

Everyone knows how to prepare for an interview: look at the website, review the job description, check out the interviewer on LinkedIn, and prepare answers to questions like, "What is your greatest weakness?"·All valuable steps we need to take.·But what if we reimagine the process in ways to increase our chances of success?

During interviews, we often assume that interviewers have all the power or that our needs as a candidate are not important.·It turns out, perhaps surprisingly, that the employer actually has an interest in meeting our needs.·They want to hire someone who can do the job, but also grow and succeed in their organization.·In this workshop, we'll explore strategies to help you understand what the employer wants, the power you have in the process, and how to strengthen your approach to interviewing.

Join us and learn how to:

* Recognize and leverage your power in the interview process
* Develop an interview strategy that can be used in multiple interviews
* Play the interview game with renewed confidence
* Strategically demonstrate your value before, during, and after the interview

For a preview of this topic, please listen to 5-minute microcasts here:


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