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Pre-College Programs @HunterCE

  • Intensive Writing Program, Part 1: Write Your Way Into College
  • Intensive Writing Program, Part 2: Top-Notch Academic Reading and Writing Skills
  • Adobe Essentials Design Certificate
  • Smartphone Filmmaking
  • Photography
  • Italian for Teens! Italiano per ragazzi !
  • Social Impact Program 

  • Pre-College Intensive Writing Program

    Part 1: Write Your Way Into College
    The first part of the pre-college intensive program with Fiore Sireci, a professor and academic coach, focuses on the writing component of your college application. You'll learn to produce meaningful and authentic writing that will capture the attention of admissions committees. But more than that, the skills you'll learn in this course, such as essay structure, smooth prose style and synthesizing relevant texts, will serve you throughout college.

    Part 2: Top-Notch Academic Reading and Writing Skills for College
    The second part of the pre-college intensive program with Fiore Sireci, a professor and successful academic coach, focuses on the kinds of skills you will needin so many of your classes in your future college or university. You’ll learn how to draw on complex and wonderful texts to fuel your writing and create good bibliographies. You’ll continue strengthening your personal style of expression and exposition.

    Adobe Essential Digital Design Certificate

    Calling all Creatives! This year, master the design tools essential for today's world of digital graphics. If you like to create, and would like to take your design and computer skills to the next level, our Adobe Essential Design Certificates will help you reach your goals! With these certificates you can:

    Smartphone Filmmaking

    The question is always asked: What’s the best camera to get if you want to develop your filmmaking skills ?
    The answer is: the one you already own.
    Smartphone Filmmaking teaches you to leverage your smartphone, and turn it into a filmmaker’s Swiss Army Knife.
    With a $14 software add-on, your phone evolves into a sophisticated DSLR filmmaking camera. You can creatively compose shots and scenes, and control light, colour, motion, focus, depth of field, frame rate and resolution. And audio.

    Italian for Teens! Italiano per ragazzi!

    Learn basic Italian conversation·and vocabulary with our proven curriculum adapted to the needs of teenagers ages 14-17. Our lively, interactive online lessons will be supplemented with online activities, videos, and songs. Students will learn about Italy, its culture and history in addition to the Bella Lingua (the Beautiful Language).

    Italian as a second language for children (6-13 years old)

    Students will learn basic simple conversation, dramatic play, as well as basic reading, writing & an easy version of the Italian grammar. Interactive storytelling and retaining new vocabulary with grammar and basic sentence structure.

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    Intro To Digital Photography - The Decisive Moment
    This course will introduce students to the beginner functions of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) and digital cameras through a variety of class demos and presentations, as well as some engaging creative assignments.

    Advanced Photography - Preparing Your Portfolio
    This course is designed for students and aspiring photographers who are interested in honing their craft and developing a well-curated portfolio for college admissions. Advanced Photography will provide students with the knowledge and technical skill set relevant to contemporary practices of digital and analog photography, while focusing on a course long photographic project.

    Social Impact Program

    Become a Future impact-Driven Leader: Social Impact Career Explorations for College Students

    The first of a two-part pre-college Become a Change Maker Program with ISII Founder and Executive Director, Elizabeth Ngonzi, this highly interactive course will first identify and describe the various kinds of social impact organizations, such as nonprofits, social enterprises, foundations, corporate social responsibility offices, and impact investors. Then, through a combination of case studies, personal coaching, self-paced study, recorded webinars, guest speakers, and interactive exercises, you will examine potential career paths in the social sector and begin formulating a personal story and mission statement to help focus your thinking about the particular path that may be right for you.

    Become a Change Maker: Social Impact Career Explorations for Pre-College Students 

    The second of a two-part pre-college Become a Change Maker Program with ISII Founder and Executive Director, Elizabeth Ngonzi, this highly interactive course will introduce you to Social Entrepreneurship -- an emerging field that involves the development of new approaches and business models to address some of society's toughest challenges (such as environmental degradation, poverty, health and educational disparities, and animal welfare). It will introduce you to some of the visionaries who are finding innovative solutions to those kinds of challenges and guide you in developing and presenting your own idea for a social enterprise that has meaning for you.

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