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Brookdale Careers in Gerontology

A Certificate from the Brookdale Center is a professional credential recognized by practitioners in the gerontological field. Coursework ensures that those entering or already in the field have the necessary education and appropriate skills to meet the requirements of practice in a variety of service settings.

The Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging & Longevity of Hunter College offers several Certificates in the aging field:

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Each certificate program is designed to be completed in approximately 2 years, though there are no time constraints to completion. Individuals may take select courses without pursuing a certificate. All classes are held in the evening to accommodate working professionals.

Note for those registering online: Please call our office at 212.650.3850 to select classes you are taking per semester.   Please be aware that you are registering for the certificate and that you still need to call/come in to the office to choose the classes. Payment plans are listed below. You must visit our office in Room E1022 (Mon-Thu 9am-5pm) to register with a payment plan. 

The Brookdale Center is the oldest and largest Gerontology Center in the New York metropolitan area, and has been training professionals since 1976. Program faculty are leaders and practitioners in the gerontological field who draw upon first hand clinical experience with older adults and their families.

Admission Educational Requirements

For Certificates in Aging and Aging & Mental Health:
A Bachelor’s degree or higher in any field of study. Students holding a Bachelor’s degree will be considered non-matriculated until they successfully complete our Introduction to Gerontology course. This course must also be completed before 15 units have been accumulated and is a prerequisite for courses designated as advanced.

For the Certificate in Geriatric Care Management:
A Bachelor’s degree in any field of study with four years of paid experience in human services; OR Master’s degree in any field of study with two years of paid experience in human services.

Unit Designation and Grades

Brookdale Center Certificate Program units are NOT college credits. Students should retain all course syllabi and transcripts if they plan to apply for credit at other schools.

Brookdale Center Certificate Programs have a pass/fail grading system. Faculty award “units” based on class participation, attendance and the completion of any faculty assignments. Transcripts are available upon request.

Non-Certificate Students

Students who do not intend to pursue a Certificate may enroll in classes on a space available basis.

Attendance Requirements:

  • One Class Course 100% Attendance
  • Two Class Course 100% Attendance
  • Three Class Course 2 out of 3 classes
  • Four Class Course 3 out to 4 classes
  • Five or more 80% Attendance

It is the student’s responsibility to approach faculty regarding a possible “make-up” for missed classes but it is the faculty’s decision whether or not a make up will be possible.

Certificate in Aging (30 units)

A payment plan is available; please contact (212) 650-3850.

A Certificate in Aging provides the opportunity for health practitioners and clinicians to engage in a wide spectrum of courses in order to broaden their knowledge and skills in the field of gerontology and become better able to provide services and support for the geriatric population. Target audience: health practitioners and clinicians holding a bachelor’s degree or higher who are interested in or working in the field of aging. To earn this Certificate, students must take:

Required courses (14 units):

  • #905 Introduction to Gerontology & Normative Aging (5 units)
  • #910A Social and Psychopathologies of Aging (5 units)
  • #500MH Clients With Mental Illness (4 units)

Electives (16 units):

  • The remaining 16 units are taken as electives from the entire range of course offerings.

Certificate in Aging & Mental Health (30 units)

A payment plan is available; please contact (212) 650-3850.

Prepares mental health practitioners and clinicians for specialized practice with older clients and their families. Course work examines the assessment and treatment of mental illnesses and conditions as they manifest themselves in an aging population. Students develop the knowledge and skills for working with older adults and their families using the most current mental health assessment protocols and mental health interventions. Target audience: human service professionals/clinicians with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. To earn this Certificate, students must take:

Required courses (14 units):

  • #905 Introduction to Gerontology & Normative Aging (5 units)
  • #910A Social and Psychopathologies of Aging (5 units)
  • #500MH Clients With Mental Illness (4 units)

Other Electives (16 units):

  • The remaining 16 units may be taken from the full range of course offerings. A minimum of 6 elective units should be Mental Health (MH) labeled courses.

Certificate in Geriatric Care Management (46 units)

A payment plan is available; please contact (212) 650-3850

Geriatric Care Managers are highly qualified professionals trained to assess, plan, coordinate, and monitor services for older adults and their families. Graduates of this program are prepared for a career as a geriatric care manager in the private for-profit and public not-for-profit sectors of service delivery. The courses offered in this program provide students with a solid knowledge of gerontology and clinical care management skills, as well as practical information to enable individuals to set up and successfully run a geriatric care management practice. Interested individuals must first apply and be accepted into this particular program. Target audience: professionals with a Bachelor’s degree and 4 years of paid experience in human services OR professionals with a Master’s degree and 2 years of paid experience in human services. Interested individuals should email their resume to Raquel Romanick at To earn this Certificate, students must complete the following required courses:

Aging Foundation Courses (14 units):

  • #905 Introduction to Gerontology & Normative Aging (5 units)
  • #500 Clients With Mental Illness (4 units)
  • #910A Social and Psychopathologies of Aging (5 units)
  • #400 Benefits For Older Adults

Business Development Courses (8 units, taken in any order, GCM students only; non-GCM students may take courses with permission):

  • #BD1 The Fundamentals of Starting a GCM Business (2 units)
  • #BD2 Marketing Strategies and Practices (2 units)
  • #BD3 Complexities of Working with Other Professionals (2 units)
  • #BD4 Best Practices (2 units)

Aging Network (18 units, taken in any order):

  • #AN1 Home Care (3 units)
  • #AN2 Institutional Care (3 units)
  • #AN3 Working in Family Systems (3 units)
  • #AN4 End-of-Life Issues (3 units)
  • #AN5 Housing (3 units)
  • #AN6 Effective Communication Practices (3 units)

The remaining 6 units can be taken from any of our course offerings.

* Elective courses offered vary by semester. You may search the Course Browser or our Catalog to find the current elective offerings.

Fall 2014 Course Listing

#905 Introduction to Gerontology and Normative Aging $450 (INGERO)
This course reviews social and psychological factors as they contribute to physical and mental wellness and illness in old age. Students will hone their clinical skills by detailing relationships between diagnosis and treatment. Case material for study and discussion will be provided by the class (5 units). This class is required for all students.
Instructor: Randi Anderson
Tue. 6:00-9:00pm; Starts  9/16 (5 sess.)

#500 MH Clients with Mental Illness  $360 (CACLIME)
Professionals from diverse disciplines may encounter elderly clients with mental health disorders, discovering complex challenges that require skillful attention.  In this course, participants will explore practical issues related to geriatric mental health.  Group discussion will be emphasized (4 units).  This class is required for all students.
Instructor: Mary Wallach
Wed. 6:00-9:00pm; Starts 10/22 (4 sess.)

AN#1 Home Care $270 (CAHOMCA)
Determining the right kind of in home care is the focus of this class. The class will start with how to effectively introduce the idea to the senior adult who may feel he or she is not in need of the service. A speaker from a companion agency, a registry, and a certified home care agency, will describe and explain how their service is differentiated from the others. The student will gain sufficient knowledge to know when one service is more appropriate than another.  An accountant will help those in attendance  to understand payroll taxes and how to prevent liabilities for both the caregiver and the family. (3 units)
Instructor: Miriam Zucker
Thu. 6:00-9:00pm; Starts 10/9 (3 sess.)

BD#4 Geriatric Care Management: Client & Family Profiles, Challenges and Crisis Management $270 (CAGERMAN)
This course examines and identifies the three most common GCM client profiles; examples will be drawn from the instructor’s GCM practice.  Students will also learn the basics of GCM responsibilities, both medical and financial.  Additionally, this course covers family dynamics, crisis intervention and GCM professional relations.
Tue. 6:00-9:00pm; Starts  11/11 (3 sess.)

Students can register via the course browser or by phone at (212) 650-3850.· All registration is to be done through Continuing Education at Hunter.· Brookdale cannot directly enroll students in courses.

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