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This certificate offers you effective methods and techniques for teaching language. Students will observe teacher/student classroom interaction and then apply what has been learned in real-world teaching contexts.


This intensive Teaching Certificate Program prepares participants to teach students whose skills range from beginning or low literacy to college/university levels. Classes integrate state-of-the-science theory and teaching practice in an ESOL classroom enabling teacher-trainees to apply what they have learned immediately. The program includes 20 hours spent observing, interning, assisting, and teaching in ESOL classrooms.


F1 students meet 18/hours a week. F1 visa students are required to take the complete program each semester and observe for the appropriate number of hours required to maintain their visa status.


Registration and Tuition

The TESOL Certificate tuition is $4000 plus a $35 registration fee. The program is comprised of 8 core classes (including a teaching practicum) which reflect careful study and consideration of current theory and its practical application. Elective options and custom-designed group programs are also available. Native speakers of English should have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Applicants with at least 60 college credits will be considered. Non-native speakers of English must demonstrate oral competency and score at least 80 on the TOEFL exam, including at least a 20 on the verbal section. IELTS score of 6.5-7.0+ is accepted in place of TOEFL ibt. Complete the online form to schedule an appointment with an advisor. All applicants should complete the application form, and submit college transcripts and a 300-word writing sample explaining your interest in teaching ESL to:


Cristian Gallardo
Continuing Education at Hunter College
695 Park Avenue, East Building, Room 1001
New York, New York 10065


* This program does not certify teachers to teach ESL in US public schools.


To register for courses please click on the Course Browser/Registration. Click the button to view the Program Brochure.



Payment Plan options are available. Students must register in person to enroll in a payment plan option. Certificate Students must visit or contact the registration office at 212-650-3850 Monday through Friday 9am-5pm to choose their class schedule per semester.  Learn more about the benefits of registering for the entire certificate program.


Spring 2017 Schedule

Course Day Time Dates
ELT01- Methods and Techniques of Teaching English Wednesday 6:00-8:00pm 2/1- 3/22
ELT02- English Grammar Review Monday 5:30-8:45pm 1/30- 3/27; Skips 2/20
ELT03- Tips and Tools for Teaching Grammar Thursday 5:30-7:30pm 3/30- 5/18
ELT04- Introduction to Language & Culture Thursday 7:40-9:40pm 2/2- 3/23
ELT05- Techniques for Teaching Oral & Listening Skills Tuesday 5:45-7:45pm 3/28- 5/16
ELT06- Techniques for Teaching Reading and Writing Thursday 5:30-7:30pm 2/2- 3/23
ELT07- Special Topics in ESL* Monday 5:30-8:10pm 4/10- 5/22
ELT08- Practicum and Practicum Workshop Wednesday 6:00-8:00pm 3/29- 5/31

*See the program brochure for special topics breakdown.


Required Books

Azar, B. & Hagen, S. (2011). Fundamentals of English Grammar with Audio CDs and Answer Key (4th Edition), ISBN-13: 978-0137071692 (for ELT02 - English Grammar Review)


Brown, H.D. & Lee, H. (2015). Teaching by Principles: An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy (4th Edition) 4th Edition by , ISBN-13: 978-0133925852 (the main book for the program)


Folse, K.S. (2009). Keys to teaching Grammar to English Language Learners. University of Michigan Press, ISBN-13: 978-0472032204 (for ELT03 – Tips and Tools for Teaching Grammar)


Folse, K.S. (2006). The Art of Teaching Speaking. Publisher - Michigan, ISBN-13: 978-0472031658 (for ELT05 - Techniques for Teaching Oral and Listening Skills)


Spolsky, B. (1998). Sociolinguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press, ISBN-13: 978-0194372114 (for ELT04 - Introduction to Language and Culture)



1) Do I need a college degree to enroll in this program? We advise students that they should have a Bachelor’s Degree. It will make you more marketable as an ESL teacher.


2) Where can I teach with a TESOL Certificate? You can teach in the U.S. in Community Based Programs, at Public Libraries and in Afterschool Programs. You can also teach overseas.


3) Can I use this certificate to teach in public schools? No, this certificate may not be used as public school certification.


4) What type of ESL classes will I observe? You will observe classes at the Hunter College IELI.


5) How many courses are in the program? There are eight courses and you can take as many as eight in one semester and as few as one.


6) How many hours of observation will be required to complete? You will need to complete a max of 20 hours of observation to complete this program.


7) Where are classes held? Classes are divided between our 68th Street and 94th Street campuses.


8) How many times does each class meet? Each class meets eight times.


9) How long will it take to complete the semester? It depends on how many classes you take each semester. If you take one class each semester, it will take eight semesters. If you take four classes each semester, it will take two semesters.


10) Can I apply these classes toward credits for a Master’s Degree? No, these classes are strictly non-credit classes.

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