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Personal Enrichment and Professional Development

Explore your professional and personal interests at Continuing Education.  Whether you are interested in enrolling in one of our certificate programs, or simply want to register for individual courses to learn a new skill or hobby, we'll get you on your way to mastering the skills you need. Browse our website for detailed certificate program information, or browse the list below for our personal enrichment and professional development courses. To register using the course code, visit our online registration portal. You may also register via phone at 212-650-3850, via email at, or visit our office on 68th Street and Lexington Avenue, East Building, Room 1022.



  • Marvel At The Met: Topics in 18th & 19th Century American Art (MARMET)
  • Beginning/Intermediate Pottery (BEGPOT)
  • Drawing (DRAWIN)
  • Plein Air Oil Painting (PLEINOIL)
  • College Choir (CHOIR)
  • Children's Book Digital Illustration Class (CBOILLUS)
  • Certificate and courses in Graphic Design
  • Certificate and courses in Web Design


  • Using Your Certificate Program To Change Careers (MAXCERT)
  • Bookkeeping & Budgeting (BOOBUD)
  • Business Law For Small Business Owner (LSBLSO)
  • How To Market Your Business With Little Or No Money (PWMARBU)
  • How To Start And Manage A Nonprofit Organization (HOMANON)
  • Introduction to Real Estate (INTREES)
  • Real Estate License 32-Hour Remedial (REAL32)
  • Successfully Marketing and Promoting Any Business (SUCBUS)
  • Rejuvenate Your Retirement (REJRET)
  • Retirement Planning Today (RETPL)
  • Resume and Cover Letter Workshop (RESUMWR)
  • Effective Intervewing- Do's & Don'ts (EFINTERV)
  • Online Networking and the Linkedin Profile (PWLWLPB)
  • Get The Most Out of the Internet For Free, Almost (SEGETFRE)
  • How To Write An Effective Professional Email (PWHWEPE)
  • How To Successfully Manage FMLA/OSHA & Other Types Of Emplyee Leaves (SEAVLIA)
  • Are You Prepared For Overtime Changes? (SEOVCH)
  • Staying Compliant With Legal Changes (SEEMHAND)
  • Certificate and courses in Human Resources
  • Certificate and courses in Microsoft Office and Office Assistant
  • Certificate and courses in Digital Marketing
  • Certificate in Real Estate
  • Certificate and courses in Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate and courses in Legal Studies


  • Cyber Security Entry Networking Technician (CISCO)
  • Cyber Security and Privacy Marketplace (PWCYBSE)
  • Introduction to Python and Data Science (INPYTHON)
  • Security+ (SECUR)
  • Certificate and courses in Web Programming


  • Certificate in TESOL


  • Accent Reduction for Non-native Speakers of English (ACCRED)
  • Certificate in Translation Studies
  • Certificate in Interpretation Studies
  • Certificate in Advanced Interpretation Studies
  • Certificate in Medical Interpreter
  • Language Learning Program:  Parliamo Italiano


  • Murder You'll Write (TWCMYW)
  • The Story of Your Life: The Craft of Writing Memoirs (TWCMEM)
  • Business Writing (BUSWRI)
  • Effective Writing (EFFWRI)
  • English Composition (ENGCOMP)
  • Grant Writing 101: Writing & Winning Grants For Beginners (GRAWRI)
  • Making Friends With Dependent Clauses (PWMAKFR)
  • The Writing Center- Summer Symposium


  • Infinite Energy: Creating Peak Vitality (INFENE)
  • Certificate in Fitness Instructor
  • Certificate in Medical Coding & Billing
  • Certificate in Combined Outpatient & Inpatient


  • 1968: The Year That Shook Our History (HIS1968)
  • Russian History Through Film (RUSFILM)
  • The Presidency VS The Press (PREPRESS)

Online Classes: CEPOnline

  • Advanced Adobe Dreamweaver (ADODREA)
  • Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver (GDINTDRE)
  • Intermediate Cascading Style Sheets (WPCSSI)
  • Javascript (WPJASCR)
  • Structured Query Language (STRQUE)
  • My Office 2013 Online - Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook
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