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Health and Fitness

Eat Right, Move Right, Six Week Sports Nutrition Course (EATRIGHT)


Course Description:

1.     Students will learn the basic science and biochemistry behind their food choices.  How do we use food for fuel.

2.     Students will determine their BMR, calorie needs and body fat percentage and be able to translate that into a food plan.

3.     Students will learn how to support energy, immune function, prevent injury and how to reduce risk for chronic illness.

4.     Students will learn practical tips for healthy living, eating out, food shopping, healthy cooking methods, recipe modification.

5.     Students will learn the truth about fad diets as well as how to lose or gain weight healthfully.

6.     Students will learn how to determine if a supplement is healthy and the truth behind the marketing of dangerous ergogenic aids.

7.     Students will learn how a healthy sports diet can help them achieve their dance, sports or lifestyle goals.


Instructor: Marie Scioscia
Location: By Zoom
Tuition: $270
Course Book: Eat Right Dance Right, by Marie Scioscia, M.S., R.D.
Notes: Weekly PowerPoints will be sent to class participants as added learning material. 




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