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International English Language Institute

Learn English in New York City for Work, Study & Success!

Do you want to perfect your English speaking skills for school or work? Perhaps you are looking to improve your conversation skills for social events. The International English Language Institute at Hunter College (IELI) offers classes to prepare students for the academic challenges of an American college or university, to sharpen English skills for business and to help build confidence speaking English.


Our catalog is available online.


Academic Skills: Daytime

Our daytime intensive academic classes offer instruction in all skill areas (reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening) through discussing topics and issues you encounter every day in our globalizing world. These classes are designed for students in different levels – from basic to advanced levels. The curriculum offered at the IELI prepares students for further studies in the U.S. and/or careers.


Academic Skills: Evening

Our evening classes concentrate on all skill areas of language learning. In a friendly yet challenging atmosphere, you will learn about the use of English language by understanding the implications in various situations. These classes engage our students in contemporary topics and prepare them with the challenges of everyday life.



Tutorials provide the opportunity for you to further enhance targeted English language skills. Tutorials are offered to students who are interested in individualized and additional instruction with emphasis on a specific subject area. Student(s) and their tutor can decide on focused instruction on reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening, or TOEFL preparation.


Professional English Certificate

The Professional English Certificate is designed for professionals who seek to perfect and polish the English language skills they need at work. The program focuses on four areas of language competency: speaking, writing, pronunciation, and a thorough review of the grammatical structures of English.


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