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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Major I (ACS certified), Major II: Option 1 - Chemistry, Option 2 - Biochemistry (ASBMB accredited), Option 3 - Bioinformatics

Chemistry News and Highlights

Learn about our faculty achievements, read our new and notable articles, recent publications and see the undergraduate and graduate student award winners.

About Chemistry at Hunter College

The Chemistry Department at Hunter College provides many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to obtain a thorough fundamental knowledge of many different fields in Chemistry.

Graduate Student Information

Prospective Graduate students can find information here including How to Apply, Courses of Study for the Masters and PhD Programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Undergraduate Student Information

Prospective and Current Undergraduate students can find information here including Courses of Study for all academic tracks of the Chemistry major, Representative Course Syllabi and Related Programs of Interest.

Apply to Join A Research Group

The Chemistry Department at Hunter College offers research opportunities in a wide range of specialties within the fields of Chemistry and Biochemistry.