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Latest News found in Chemistry

High impact review article on glycosylated porphynoids from CM Drain lab

The Drain lab published an article in Chemical Reviews, which is the top journal in chemistry in terms of the impact factor (Impact factor 46.568 in 2014)

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Oct 21, 2015

A breakthrough in nanotechnology by the Matsui Group

A Hunter Chemistry team lead by Prof. Hiroshi Matsui made a breakthrough in Nanotechnology. This outcome was just published in Nature Communucation (DOI:10.1038/ncomms4870).

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: May 09, 2014

Autonomous biomimetic motors fueled by peptide assembly

A new hybrid biomimetic motor system powered by the release of consisting of diphenylalanine (DPA) peptides from a metal-organic framework (MOF) in a manner resembling the metabolization and production of resources in cells. In nature, biological motors convert chemical free energy to mechanical power directly by creating isothermal and non-equilibrium conditions through biochemical reactions such as the metabolism of chemicals by cells to produce products that are simultaneously exploited as energy resources. In this new bioinspired system, a MOF is used to encapsulate DPA peptides in its pores. Release of the stored peptides and their subsequent reconfiguration into hydrophobic assemblies creates a non-equilibrium condition by generating a large surface tension gradient. The chemical energy generated by this process propels the MOF to swim like bacteria towards the higher surface tension side of the gradient. Lessons learned from understanding how this “motor” operates could be used to design systems that sense, capture, and store or “metabolize” target chemicals and control the local environment of materials.

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Dec 06, 2012

Immune-Boosting Lipid

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Nov 30, 2010

New Dyes for Organic Solar Cells Developed

Three new modes for assembling and attaching organic dyes in solar cells developed by Hunter team

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Nov 30, 2010

Fulbright Scholar

Prof. Alexandratos has been named a Fulbright Scholar for the 2010-2011 academic year.

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Apr 03, 2010

Cancer Sensor Chip

Hunter Chemists have developed a cancer sensor chip, which was highlighted as one of five recent research news in National Cancer Institute

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Jan 07, 2010

Holiday Party 2009

Department Holiday Party was held on Thu Dec 17

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Dec 22, 2009

ACS Fellow from Hunter

Professor Alexandratos was elected a Fellow of the American Chemical Society.

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Aug 18, 2009

Cover of Chemical Reviews

Professor Drain's review article is featured on the cover of the most prestigious review journal in chemistry.

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Mar 04, 2009

Hot paper from Matsui Group

Prof. Matsui's new paper was designated as a hot paper by a top journal in chemistry.

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Feb 04, 2009

Prof. Alexandratos elected to the ACS Committee on Science

Prof. Alexandratos was elected to the ACS Committee on Science

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Nov 17, 2008

Prestigious Award to Nurxat Nuraje (Matsui Group)

Nurxat Nuraje in the Prof. Matsui's group received the prestigious 2008 Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student Award.

  • Posted by akawamur
  • Published: Oct 03, 2008