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The CUNY X-ray Facility


The mission of the CUNY X-ray Facility is to perform X-ray diffraction on single crystals for the structure determination of small molecules. It is the ultimate method for definitive determination of molecular structures at the atomic level for both organic and inorganic compounds. Its uses range from simple identification of compounds to various configuration and conformational studies.



Dr. Michelle C. Neary
Office: 1300 North Building
Phone: (212) 396-6687



  • Unit-cell determination
  • Data collection
  • Structure determination
  • Publication support

The facility is open for submissions by members of the Chemistry department, other CUNY departments, and outside parties. For more information or to arrange submission of crystals for analysis, please contact the facility director.



Bruker Kappa X8 Apex II System

The X-ray crystallography experiments are performed with a Bruker Kappa X8 Apex II diffractometer. The X-rays are generated from a molybdenum source. A Mo source is particularly well-suited for inorganic compounds containing heavy atoms to minimize absorption-correction errors, though the structures of lighter organic compounds can also be readily determined.