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Angelo Santoro, Ph.D.

Professor - Organic Chemistry


Contact Information:

office 1321cN, tel 212-772-5256, fax (dept) 212-772-5332, email


B.S. City College, Ph.D. University of Kansas

Research Summary: 

Our current work is directed toward three projects: design of a new differential scanning calorimeter capable of detecting energy changes on the order of 2 calories while using samples in the 10 to 100 mg range; investigation of the chemistry of guanidine, the guanidinium cation, and their derivatives using magnetic circular dichroism and other techniques; and the study of cross conjugated systems in terms of the concept of aromaticity.

Selected Publications

"SCF MO Studies of the Vinylguanidinium Ion," Sapse, A. Synder, G., Santoro, A.V., and Herzig, L. (1984) Int. J. Quantum Chem., 22, 649.