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Dixie J. Goss, Ph.D.

Gertrude B. Elion Endowed Scholar and Professor - Protein-nucleic acid interactions


Contact Information:

Office 1308N (tel 212-772-5383), Lab 1318N (tel 212-650-3917), dept fax 212-772-5332, email, group webpage Goss Group Homepage


B.S. Nebraska Wesleyan University, Ph.D. University of Nebraska, Postdoc University of Georgia; University of Nebraska

Research Summary: 

Our lab is using biophysical methods and molecular biology to study protein-nucleic acid interactions and macromolecular assembly. We are particularly interested in mechanisms of assembly and how kinetics and equilibria influence the final composition of assembly complexes and ultimately biological function. Experiments are aimed at determining the detailed function of proteins and how they recognize nucleic acids. These processes are studied by steady-state and life-time fluorescence measurements, circular dichroism, rapid scanning stopped-flow, and site-directed mutagenesis. Detailed quantitative measurements of these biological processes lead to elucidation of molecular mechanisms and how these processes can be regulated.

Selected Publications

Goss, D.J. and Kleiman, F.E. (2013) "Poly(A) binding proteins: are they all created equal?" Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA 4:167-79

Domashevskiy, A.V. Miyoshi, H. and Goss, D.J. (2012) "Inhibition of pokeweed antiviral protein (PAP) by turnip mosaic virus genome-linked protein (VPg)" J. Biol. Chem. 287:29729-38.

Ma, J. Haldar, S., Khan, M.A., Sharma S.D., Merrick, W.C., Theil, E.C., and Goss, D.J. (2012) "Fe2+ binds iron resonsive element-RNA, selectively changing protein-binding affinities and regulating mRNA repression and activation" Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109: 8417-22.

Khan, M.A. and Goss, D.J. (2012) "Poly(A)-binding protein increases the binding affinity and kinetic rates of interaction of viral protein linked to genome with translation intiation factrs eIFiso4F and eIFiso4F:4B complex" Biochemistry 51: 1388-95.

Goss, D.J. and THeil, E.C. (2011) "Iron responsive mRNAs: a family of Fe2+ snesitive riboregulators" Acc Chem Res  44:1320-8.

Yumak, H. Khan, M.A. and Goss, D.J. (2010) "Po;y(A) tail affects equilibrium and thermodynamic behavior of tobacco etch virus mRNA with translation intiation factors eIF4F, eIF4B and PABP" Biochim Biophys Acta 1799:653-8.

Ecevit, O. Khan, M.A. and Goss, D.J. (2010) "Kinetic analysis of the interaction of b/HLH/z transcription factors Myc, Max, and Mad with cognate DNA"  Biochemistry 30: 2627-35.

Khan, M. A., Yumak, H. and Goss, D.J. (2009) "Kinetic mechanism for the binding of eIF4F and tobacco etch virus internal ribosome entry site RNA: efects of eIF4B and poly(A) binding protein" J. Biol. Chem. 284: 35461-70.

Theil, E.C. and Goss, D.J. (2009) "Living with iron (and oxygen): questions and answers about iron homeostasis" Chem Rev. 109: 4568-79.

Khan, M. A., Walden, W.E., Goss, D.J. and Theil, E.C. (2009) "Direct Fe2+ sensing by iron-responsive messenger RNA:repressor complexes weakens binding" J. Biol. Chem. 284: 30122-8.

Baldwin, A.E., Khan, M.A., Tumer, N.E., Goss, D.J. and Friedland, D.E. (2009) "Characterization of pokeweed antiviral protein binding to mRNA cap analogs: competition with nucleotides and enhancement by translation initiation factor iso4G" Biochim Biophys Acta 1789:109-16.