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Deciphering chemical communications in nature



<June 2017> Alison Domzalski joined as a Biochemistry Ph.D. student. 

<May 2017> Co-localization of a CD1d-binding glycolipid with an adenovirus-based malaria vaccine for a potent adjuvant effect was published in Vaccine

<April 2017> Identification of ginkgolide targets in brain by photoaffinity labeling was published in Chemical Biology & Drug Design - The paper was featured as the cover article/Editor's choice. 

<January 2016> Mathew Benson (Biochemistry Master's student) and Annie Xiao (Undergraduate) joined the group.

<October 2015> Sakae Mizuno joined the group as a visiting scientist from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

<October 2015> Arthur Makarenko (Chemistry Ph.D.) joined the group as a rotation student

<November 2015>Benzophenone and its analogs bind to human glyoxalase 1 was published in Bioorg Med Chem Lett

<September 2015> Colocalization of a CD1d-Binding Glycolipid with a Radiation-Attenuated Sporozoite Vaccine in Lymph Node–Resident Dendritic Cells for a Robust Adjuvant Effect was published in J Immunol

<June 2015> GRC Animal-Microbe Symbioses (Akira, Diego, Kriti)

<August 2014> Farewell picnic for Paola @ Central Park

<Apr 2014> Immunostimulatory lipid nanoparticles from herbal medicine in Chem Biol Drug Res

<Mar 2014> Biomarker-guided screening of Juzen-taiho-to, an oriental herbal formulation for immunostimulation in Planta Medica

<May 2013> Kriti Kalpana joined as a graduate student.

<2012> Anna defended her Ph.D. thesis.

<July 2011> Group Karaoke @ Japas 55

Diego Montenegro joined as a PhD Student.

<June 2011> Monomeric avidin paper was accepted and published in Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.

<April 2011> Group ping-pong at Spin NYC.

<March 2011> The 17-hydroxycyclooctatin paper was accepted and published in J. Nat. Prod.

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