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Headline archive

The archive of headlines

 Mathew Benson (Biochemistry Master's student) and Annie Xiao (Undergraduate) joined the group.

<October 2015> Sakae Mizuno joined the group as a visiting scientist from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

<October 2015> Arthur Makarenko (Chemistry Ph.D.) joined the group as a rotation student

<November 2015>Benzophenone and its analogs bind to human glyoxalase 1 was published in Bioorg Med Chem Lett

 Colocalization of a CD1d-Binding Glycolipid with a Radiation-Attenuated Sporozoite Vaccine in Lymph Node–Resident Dendritic Cells for a Robust Adjuvant Effect was published in J Immunol

<June 2015> GRC Animal-Microbe Symbioses (Akira, Diego, Kriti)

<August 2014> Farewell picnic for Paola @ Central Park

<Apr 2014> Immunostimulatory lipid nanoparticles from herbal medicine in Chem Biol Drug Res

<Mar 2014> Biomarker-guided screening of Juzen-taiho-to, an oriental herbal formulation for immunostimulation in Planta Medica

<May 2013> Kriti Kalpana joined as a graduate student.

<2012> Anna defended her Ph.D. thesis.

<July 2011> Group Karaoke @ Japas 55

Diego Montenegro joined as a PhD Student.

<June 2011> Monomeric avidin paper was accepted and published in Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.

<April 2011> Group ping-pong at Spin NYC.

<March 2011> The 17-hydroxycyclooctatin paper was accepted and published in J. Nat. Prod.

<January 2011> Shivan Ramsamooj joined as an undergraduate research assistant

<December 2010> Diego Montenegro joined as a rotation student.

<2010> Doina defended her Ph.D. thesis

<2010> Maria defended her Ph.D. thesis

A review paper titled, "Uncovering the therapeutic potential of natural products with biomarker-guided screening" was published in iDrug. 

Akira presented the biomarker guided screening at NY Academy of Sciences. 

A paper titled, “Human CD1 dimeric proteins as indispensable tools for research on CD1-binding lipids and CD1-restricted T cells” was accepted by J. Immunol. Meth. (Collaboration with Prof. Moriya Tsuji at ADARC, Rockefeller University)

Akira gave a talk at Lehman College of CUNY (Biology). 

<November 2008> Tal Hasson successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis, becoming the second Ph.D. from AK group. Congratulations, Dr. Hasson!

 John Truong joined the group as undergraduate research assistant.

Our paper titled, "Binding is not enough: Flexibility is needed for photocrosslinking of Lck kinase by benzophenone photoligands" was published in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. doi:10.1016/j.bmc.2008.08.077

Carolina Salguero and Enrique Salas joined the group as undergraduate research assistants. 

<September 2008> Akira gave a talk at SUNY Binghamton.

<August 2008> Tal and Doina presented their posters at American Chemical Society National Meeting in Philadelphia.


<October 5 , 2007> A manuscript titled "A polyacetylene compound from herbal medicine regulates genes associated with thrombosis in endothelial cells" has been accepted for publication in BMCL.

<August 29, 2007> Emiri Hirokawa joined the group as an undergraduate research assistant.

<August 23, 2007> Sagit successfully defended her thesis and became the first PhD from our group.

<June 20, 2007> Akira presesnted both genomics and proteomics projects at the Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Vienna.

<June 19-28, 2007> Akira gave a lecture series titled, "Genomic Screening of Natural Products", at the Department of Pharmacognosy, University of Vienna.

<June 5 , 2007> Sagit was awarded the 2007 Mina S. Rees Scholarship Awards for her excellence in research, teaching and citizenship at Hunter College.

<December 1 , 2006> Akira presesnted genomics project at Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

<October 20, 2006> Akira presesnted both projects at Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

<October 19, 2006> Akira presented genomics project at Department of Pharmacognosy, University of Vienna, Austria.

<September 23 , 2006> Our Lck paper was e-published: Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 2006, 16, 5625

<September 15 , 2006> Akira presesnted both projects at Hunter Chemistry Department.

<August 30, 2006> Maria, Doina, and Anna formally joined the group as new graduate students

<August 18, 2006> The 1310 lab was renovated to accommodate additional group members

<August 2, 2006> Our new Lck paper accepted by BMCL

<July 26, 2006> Akira presented the latest results from the genomics project at GRC 2006, Natural Products

<June 26, 2006> Akira presented the latest results from the Lck photoligand project at Chirality 2006 (Busan, South Korea)

<June 14, 2006> Sagit won the 2006 Mina Rees Dissertation Fellowship in the Sciences

<June 1, 2006> Our paper on Genomic Screening was published on BMCL.