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AK Group Openings

Current openings in the AK group

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Research assistantship positions are given to undergraduate students with outstanding academic qualifications. Application deadlines are November 30 (for Spring semester) and April 30 (for Fall semester). E-mail following information to Akira Kawamura. Students selected for interviews will be notified by December 15 (for Spring semester) and May 15 (for Fall semester).

  • Grades of all chemistry and biology courses you have taken so far. Include semesters and years you took those courses and the names of the instructors.
  • Expected semester and year of your graduation
  • A brief description of your plans after graduation (100 words or fewer)
  • The reason(s) why you want to work in the AK Group (100 words or fewer)

Graduate Students

AK Group is now recruiting highly motivated graduate students from CUNY Chemistry and Biochemistry Ph.D. Programs. Interested students are encouraged to E-mail Akira Kawamura

Postdoctoral Scientists

There is currently no postdoctoral position available.