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People in the AK Group

AK Group Members

Roster (Fall 2019)

Alvarado, Anthony - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2019-present

Chin, Brandon Undergraduate Research Assistant 2019-present

Domzalski, AlisonPh.D. student (Biochemistry), 2017-present

Geldner, Jacob Undergraduate Research Assistant 2019-present

Ho, Matthew - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2017-present

Hoque, Maliha Undergraduate Research Assistant 2019-present

Liu, Dorothy Undergraduate Research Assistant 2019-present

Malcolm, Jess Postgraduate researcher 2019-present

Naito, Ellesa Undergraduate Research Assistant 2019-present

Kamga, Sharifa - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018-present

Kawamura, Akira - PI 2002-present

Khan, Aleena Undergraduate Research Assistant 2019-present

Moyal, Andy - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2017-present

Rakhmanova, Nicole - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018-present

Velasquez, Alexandria - RISE Undergraduate Research Fellow 2016 - present

Vigo, Valeria MARC Undergraduate Research Fellow 2019 - present

Yang, Peter - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018-2019; Postgraduate researcher 2019-present

Yap, ShenPostgraduate researcher 2016-present

Wu, Tony Undergraduate Research Assistant 2019-present


Past members & current affiliation

Email updates/corrections to Akira

Alvarez, Jonas - RISE Undergraduate Research Fellow (Molecular Discovery Team) 2016-2018; University of Minnesota Ph.D. program

Aminova, Olga (undergraduate, 2006); Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NYU Langon Medical Center; 

Babaev, Ortal -Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014

Bavlovych, Solomiya - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018-2019; NYU Dental School

Bedoya, Valentina -Postgraduate Research Assistant (Molecular Discovery Team) 2016-2018

Benson, Mathew - Master's student (Biochemistry) 2016

Blackman, Edith (postbacc, 2011-2013); Princeton University (Biology Ph.D. program)

Brekman, Angelika (undergraduate, 2003-2005); CUNY Graduate Center, Biochemistry Ph.D. 2010;New York City College of Technology (CUNY) (City Tech)

Brown, Ashley (Lexi) - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2016-2017

Cha, Kwang Won (undergraduate, 2006-2007);

Choi, Yubin (Undergraduate 2017)

Christine Chrissian- Biochemistry Masters student; CUNY Biochemistry Ph.D. (rotation) 2013-2014

Creus, Michaela - Undergraduate Research Assistant (Molecular Discovery Team) 2017-2018; New York Medical College (MD program)

Estrada, Paola- (Biochemistry M.S. student 2012-2014), The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, Ph.D. program.

Euashachai, Marena (undergraduate, 2004-2005)

Grigoryev, Eugene (undergraduate, 2002-2005); The Scripps Research Institute (Ph.D.); CCNY 

Griffiths, Shanna-Kay RISE Undergraduate Research Fellow 2018 - 2019

Gugliotta, Jordan - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018-2019

Hall, Steven - MBRS-RISE Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2012-2016, Stony Brook University, Ph.D. program.

Haque, Meshkat- Undergraduate Research Assistant 2013-2015

Hassan, Tal H. (graduate student, 2003-2008; Ph.D. 2008); Teva Pharmaceutical

Hindi, Sagit (graduate student, 2002-2007; Ph.D. 2007); ImClone Systems Inc

Hirokawa, Emiri (undergraduate, 2008); MSKCC

Hsu, Hnin (undergraduate, 2011-2012);

Iacovidou, Maria- Ph.D. student (Biochemistry; Ph.D. 2010); Remedica Ltd. (Cyprus) 

James, Laurence (undergraduate, 2005-2008) - Vanderbilt University, Medical School;

Johnston, Luana - MARC Undergraduate Research Fellow 2017 - 2019

Kalpana, Kriti- Ph.D. student (Biochemistry; Ph.D. 2019), 2012-2018; New York Stem Cell Foundation (postdoc)

Kaplinsky, Nicole - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2016-2017

Kim, Joshua - Undergraduate Research Assistant (Molecular Discovery Team) 2017-2018; Texas A&M (Chemistry Ph.D. program)

Kuppan, Jessica (Undergraduate 2017)

Mihai, Doina M. - Ph.D. student (Chemistry; Ph.D. 2011), Columbia University (Postdoc); Shiseido (East Windsor, NJ)

Mirianashvili, Anna (Undergraduate 2016-2017)

Montenegro, Diego - Ph.D. student (Biochemistry; Ph.D. 2018) 2010-2018; Columbia Medical School (postdoc)

Nguen, Uyen - Harcourt fellow (undergraduate)

Nwokafor, Chiso (undergraduate, 2003-2004) - Columbia University, Research Assistant; CUNY Biology Ph.D. program

Peralta, Ximena - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014-2016; Postgraduate researcher (Molecular Discovery Team2017-2018

Ramirez, Elizabeth (Summer undergraduate, 2005)

Ramsamooj, Shivan (Uundergraduate, 2011-2012)

Raykher, Hannah - High School Research Assistant (Packer Collegiate Institute) 2017-2019

Rojas, Danilo - (undergraduate, 2011-2012); Yale University Medical School

Romero, GiovannaMARC Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014-2016, NYU Ph.D. program

Singh, Suchwinder  - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2017-2019

Smith, Carla (undergraduate, 2003-2005) - Mount Sinai Medical Center, Research Assistant

Sakakura, Takanori (undergraduate, 2003) - Tokyo Medical & Dental University, MD program

Salas, Enrique (undergraduate, 2008)

Salguero, Carolina (MARC undergraduate research assistant, 2008-2010); Harvard (Ph.D. program);

Seleznev, Alex - (undergraduate 2011-2013); University at Buffalo School of Medicine (MD program)

Sharma, Ashutosh-Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014; University at Buffalo School of Medicine (MD program)

Shimon, Stephanie - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2016-2017

Takaoka, Anna- Ph.D. student (Biochemistry, Ph.D. 2012); Columbia Medical School (Postdoc); Celgene

Tam, Helen (undergraduate, 2003), Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (M.S. program)

Truong, John (MARC undergraduate research assistant, 2008-2010)

Vidal Ceballos, Alfredo (MARC Undergraduate Research Fellow 2015-2017); CUNY Graduate Center Biochemistry Ph.D. program 

Volkova, Angelina -Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014-2016, NYU Ph.D. program.

Vuong, Huy Quoc (undergraduate, 2003) - University of Michigan (Ph.D. in bioinformatics); Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Postdoc)

Xiao, Annie - (Undergraduate  2016-2017)

Yusufov, Mark - Undergraduate Research Assistant 2018-2019

Williams, Shannon (graduate student, 2003-2005) - Novartis

Wolfe, Stephanie (graduate student, 2004-2007)