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Philip R. Hamann, Ph.D.


Office Room # 1321A HN

Office Telephone # 212-772-5331

E-mail address:


B.S. Graceland University (Lamoni, Ia)

Ph.D. Purdue University (P. Fuchs)

Postdoc Columbia University (C. Still)

Pedagogical Training/High School teaching certification Pace University

Research Experience
Dr. Hamann spent almost 25 years working in Big Pharma at Lederle Labs/Wyeth/Pfizer. Most of that time he worked on using antibodies to deliver cytotoxic agents, especially the extremely potent natural product calicheamicin, to tumor cells. His work resulted in the approval of Mylotarg® for AML, a leukemia more prevalent in elderly patients. A second antibody-drug conjugate he work on, inotuzumab ozogamicin, has recently been given breakthrough therapy status in ALL, another leukemia that is relative well treated in children but not in adults. For his work he has received the ACS Heroes of Chemistry Award, the PhRMA Discovers Award, the American Home Products Exceptional Achievement Award, and the American Cyanamid Scientific Achievement Award. Dr Hamann has over 40 publications, over two dozen presentations at national meetings including invited lectures, and over two dozen patents.

Teaching Experience
Dr Hamann taught chemistry, as well as physics and earth science, in the NYC public high schools for three years, most recently at the Bronx High School of Science. He has taught organic chemistry and general chemistry as an adjunct at John Jay College and as a visiting professor at Vassar College. He continues to enjoy sharing his love of organic chemistry at Hunter College.

Selected Publications

Hamann, P. R., Hinman, L. M., Beyer, C. F., Lindh, D., and Mountain, A., A calicheamicin conjugate with a fully humanized anti-MUC1 antibody shows potent antitumor effects in breast and ovarian tumor xenografts. Bioconjugate Chem, 16:354-360, 2005.
Erwin Boghaert, Latha Sridharan, Doug Armellino, Kiran Khandke, John DiJoseph, Arthur Kunz, Maureen Dougher, Fan Jiang, Lyka Kalyandrug, Philip Hamann, Philip Frost and Nitin Damle, The calicheamicin conjugate: hu3S193-CalichDMH, targets Lewisy and destroys Lewisy-positive human carcinoma cells and xenografts. Clinical Cancer Res., 10: 4538-49, 2004.

John F. DiJoseph, Douglas C. Armellino, Erwin R. Boghaert, Kiran Khandke, Maureen Dougher, Latha Sridharan, Arthur Kunz, Philip R. Hamann, Boris Gorovits, Chandrasekhar Udata, Justin K. Moran, Andrew G. Popplewell, Sue Stephens, Philip Frost, and Nitin K. Damle, Antibody-Targeted Chemotherapy with CMC-544: A CD22-Targeted Immunoconjugate of Calicheamicin for the Treatment of B Lymphoid Malignancies, Blood 103: 1807-1814, 2004.

Hamann, P. R., Hinman, L. M., Hollander, I., Beyer, C. F., Lindh, D., Holcomb, R., Hallett, W., Upeslacis, J., Shochat, D., Mountain, A., Flowers, D. A., and Bernstein, I., A potent and selective anti-CD33 antibody-calicheamicin conjugate for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia. Bioconjugate Chem. 13: 47-58, 2002.