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Gary J. Quigley, Ph.D.

Professor - Biophysical Chemistry


Contact Information:

Office 1305eN (tel 212-772-5377), Lab 1305c-dN (tel 212-772-5377), dept fax 212-772-5332, email


B.S. State University of New York at Syracuse, Ph.D. State University of New York at Syracuse, Postdoc MIT

Research Summary: 

Studies of Drug-DNA complex: Attempts are underway to obtain crystals of a number of DNA binding drugs complexed with DNA oligomers and to design variants on known DNA binding drugs with prescribed binding properties and specificity. These include variants on the pentamidine structure in collaboration with Profs. Franck's and Mootoo's groups and a series of groove and intercalator drugs in collaboration with Prof. Watanabe's group at Sloan Kettering.

Solvent and Ion environment of Z-DNA: Withsufficient size crystals we plan to carry out neutron diffraction data collection at Brookhaven National Lab. Both the neutron data and the high resolution low temperature x-ray data be carried out using the new version of George Sheldrick's SHELLX program for anisotropic diffraction refinement and subsequent analysis carried out. Crystals of several as yet unstudied salts of Z-DNA are under investigation including those of K+ and Rb+.

Holliday Junction Structure: Dr. Quigley's research group will pursue conditions for obtaining higher resolution diffraction data on the Holliday junction crystals including adjusting the concentration of various ions and precipitating agents, use of data collection under flash freezing conditions and the possibly synchretron data collection. Molecular replacement search procedures will be continued using the XPLOR package. Heavy atom derivative crystals will be grown and data will be collected and analyzed.

IL1beta-structure/function: In collaboration with Prof. Phil Auron of Harvard Medical School and Prof. Lee Gehrke of MIT, Dr. Quigley will continue modeling the possible effects of various site directed mutants of IL1b on its structure and the relationship to observed changes in its activity.

Selected Publications

Gessner, R. V., Quigley, G. J. and Egli, M., "Comparative Studies of High Resolution Z-DNA Crystal Structures, Part 1: Common Hydration Patterns of Alternating dG-dC.", J. Mol. Biol., 239, 1994, pp. 1154-1168.

Auron, P. E., Quigley, G. J. , Rosenwasser, L. J. and Gehrke, L., "Multiple Amino Acid Substitutions Suggest a Structural Basis for the Seperation of Biological Activity and Receptor Binding in Mutant Human Interleukin-1beta Protein ", Biochemistry, 31, 6632-6638, 1992.

Gao, Q., Williams, L. D., Egli, M., Rabinovich, D., Chen, S.-L., Quigley, G. J. and Rich, A., "Drug Induced DNA Repair: X-ray Structure of a DNA-Ditercalinium Complex.", P.N.A.S., 30, 1991, pp. 5257-5263.

Geierstanger, B. H., Kagawa, T. F., Chen, S.-L., Quigley, G. J. and Ho, P. S., "Base Specific Binding of Copper(II) to Z-DNA: The 1.3Å Single Crystal Structure of d(m5CGUAm5CG) in the Presence of CuCl2.", Biochemistry, 266, 1991, pp. 20185-20191.

Johnston, B. H., Quigley, G. J., Rich, A. and Ellison, M. J., "The Z-Z Junction: The boundary Between Two Out of Phase Z-DNA Regions.", Biochem., 30, 1991, pp. 5257-5263.

Quigley, G. J., "Understanding the Crystal Packing of Z-DNA.", Journal of Biomolecular Crystallization, 110, 1991, pp. 131-136.