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Meet the Chemistry Department Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Spiro D. Alexandratos:

Design and development of polymer-supported reagents applied to environmental remediation

Manashi Chatterjee

Organic Chemistry and Chemical Education

Joseph Dannenberg:

Theoretical Chemistry with Emphasis on Hydrogen Bonds

C. Michael Drain:

Supramolecular Photonics

Lynn Francesconi:

Inorganic Chemistry

Dixie J. Goss:

Regulation of protein synthesis, viral RNA translation, plant anti-viral proteins

Nancy L. Greenbaum:

Structural Biology of RNA

Mandë Holford:

Chemical and Biological Diversity: Characterization of Novel Neurotoxins from Marine Organisms

Wayne Harding :

Isolation, design, synthesis and evaluation of ligands that target central nervous system receptors relevant to neuropsychiatric disorders and drug abuse

Akira Kawamura:

Bioorganic and Natural Products Chemistry

Frida Kleiman:

Molecular basis of the DNA damage response and its correlation with control of gene expression and cancer

Namby Krishnamachari:

Chemical Education

Louis J. Massa:

Electronic structure of Biological Molecules

Donna McGregor:

Chemical education, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry

Hiroshi Matsui:

Bionanotechnology, Nanotechnology, Biomaterials, Sensors, Electronics, Medical imaging, Quantum computing

Pamela Mills

Chemical Education, Physical Chemistry

David R. Mootoo:

Organic Chemistry

Gabriela M Smeureanu:

Chemical Education, Nanotechnology, Analytical

Lev Sviridov

Solid-state chemistry

William V. Sweeney:

Chemical Education, Biochemistry

Rein Ulijn

molecular systems, bionanotechnology, hydrogels, peptides, biocatalysis, adaptive materials

Yujia Xu:

Self-assembly of macromolecules

Shengping Zheng:

Organic Chemistry

Emeritus Faculty

Richard W. Franck: Organic Chemistry

Klaus Grohmann: Organic Chemistry

Willam Grossman: Raman spectroscopy, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectroscopy

Maria Tomasz: Interaction of drugs with DNA. Molecular basis of the antitumor action of the mitomycins

Gary J. Quigley: Biophysical Chemistry