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Donna McGregor, Ph. D.

Doctoral Lecturer and Undergraduate Advisor

Donna McGregor

Contact Information:

1320HN (tel 212 396-6518), email


External Homepage:


BA, Chemistry, Hunter College, CUNY

PhD., Analytical Chemistry, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Research Interests:

My personal research interests lie mainly in the fields of Chemical Education pedagogy and technetium-99 radioactive waste remediation using polyoxometalates as mimics for metal oxide storage matrices. In addition I am interested in the immersion of undergraduate students in authentic research projects and work with a small group of undergraduate students on a variety of inorganic chemistry projects.

 Please see my external homepage for more information on past and present research projects.



Donna McGregor, Benjamin P. Burton-Pye, Israel-Martyr Mbomekalle, Pablo A. Aparicio, Susanna, Romo, , Xavier Lopez, Josep M. Poblet, Lynn Francesconi. Redox Properties of M=O (M = 99Tc and Re) substituted lacunary Wells Dawson polyoxometalates: Electrochemical pH-dependence and α1/α2 relative stability studies. Inorg. Chem., 2012, 51 (16), pp 9017–9028

Donna McGregor, William V Sweeney, Pamela Mills. The Design of a Mercury Free Apparatus for teaching the Ideal Gas Law PV = nRT. J. Chem. Educ., 2012, 89 (4), pp 509–512

Benjamin P. Burton-Pye, Ivana Radivojevic, Donna McGregor, Israel M. Mbomekalle, Wayne W. Lukens, Jr.4; Lynn C. Francesconi.  Photoreduction of 99Tc pertechnetate by nanometer-sized metal oxides: new strategies for formation and sequestration of low-valent technetium. J. Am. Chem. Soc.2011, 133 (46), pp 18802–18815

Donna McGregor, Benjamin P. Burton-Pye, Robertha C. Howell, Israel M. Mbomekalle, Wayne W. Lukens, Jr., Fang Bian, Edward Mausolf, Frederic Poineau, Kenneth R Czerwinski, and Lynn C. Francesconi. Synthesis, structure elucidation and redox properties of 99Tc complexes of lacunary Wells Dawson polyoxometalates: insights into molecular 99Tc – metal oxide interactions. Inorg. Chem., 2011, 50 (5), 1670–1681

Cheng Zang; Laurence Bensaid; Donna McGregor; Xikui Fang; Robertha C. Howell; Benjamin Burton-Pye; Qunhui Luo; Louis Todaro; Lynn Francesconi. Influence of the lanthanide Ion and solution Conditions on formation of Lanthanide Wells-Dawson Poloxotungstates. Journal of Cluster Science, 2006, 17(2), 389

Zhang, Cheng; Howell, Robertha C.; McGregor, Donna; Bensaid, Laurence; Rahyab, Seyar; Nayshtut, Michael; Lekperic, Safet; Francesconi, Lynn C. Synthesis of a cluster containing Eu(III) a2-P2W17O6110- and preliminary luminescence experiments. Competes Rendus Chimie, 2005,  8(6-7), 1035-1044