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Biochemistry Ph.D. Study at Hunter College

Top-Flight Faculty, Generous Benefits & Great Location 

The Hunter College Chemistry and Biochemistry Department offers doctoral candidates a stellar faculty, generous benefits, an outstanding record in placing graduates and one of the world’s most exciting locations. Hunter College is the perfect choice for CUNY Ph.D. candidates.


A Distinguished Faculty, Cutting-Edge Research

Bionanotechnology: Hiroshi Matsui, C. Michael Drain

Medicinal chemistry and chemical biology: Akira Kawamura, Wayne Harding

Biomolecular structure and function: Dixie Goss, Nancy Greenbaum, Frida Kleiman, Yujia Xu

Chemistry education: Pamela Mills, William Sweeney, Karen Phillips


Graduate Advisor

Prof. Frida Kleiman is the biochemistry Ph.D. advisor in our department. Please contact her if you have any questions regarding our biochemistry Ph.D. program.


Application Information

Graduate students are accepted through the CUNY Biochemistry Ph.D. Program. Visit CUNY's Biochemistry Ph.D. Program website for detailed information on the application, benefits, courses, etc.