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Immune-Boosting Lipid

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Professor Richard W. Franck


Distinguished Prof. Emeritus, Richard Franck of the Department of Chemistry at Hunter College and coworkers have designed and prepared a family of glyco-lipids with a carbon replacing the natural oxygen linker of the glyco to the lipid. The Hunter materials are potent immune system stimulants and are being developed for diverse clinical applications. This work is probably one of the most important practical scientific discoveries to come from Hunter College (perhaps CUNY) in the biomedical sciences. This work uses α-C-galactosylceramides which are in various stages of trials or evaluations as:  (1) adjuvants for vaccines for influenza, malaria, and tuberculosis; (2) immune stimulation for AIDS treatments, asthma prevention, and cancer chemotherapy; (3) diagnostics for probing the roles of interleukins in immune responses. The compounds and their uses are patented by CUNY and New York University where, respectively, the chemistry and original immunology research were carried out, and are licensed by Cytheris for clinical applications. Below are some recent representative publications where the clinical relevance is indicated in bold.

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