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Apply to Work in a Research Lab

Although not a requirement for graduation as a Chemistry major, the Chemistry Department does encourage undergraduate students to pursue individual laboratory research under the supervision of a faculty mentor.


Application Instructions:

1. Complete the Introduction to Research Course (Chem 291.01 section 002)
2. Print the Complete Application to work in a Research Lab
3. Attach an unofficial copy of your Hunter Transcript to the Research Application
4. Submit the Research Application to Dr. Gabriela Smeureanu in Room 1320HN

Please NOTE:

You will not be allowed to register for the Chem 291 or Chem 491 research courses until after you have been accepted into a research laboratory. To graduate with Departmental Honors Students must meet the minimum GPA requirement and complete at least 2 semesters of departmental research (1 semester of Chem 291 and 1 semester of Chem 491).