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Apply to Join A Research Group

Although not a requirement for graduation as a Chemistry major, the Chemistry Department does encourage undergraduate students to pursue individual laboratory research under the supervision of a faculty mentor.


Application Instructions:

1. Complete the Introduction to Research Course (Chem 29101 section 1)
2. Print the Complete Application to work in a Research Lab
3. Attach an unofficial copy of your Hunter Transcript to the Research Application
4. Submit the Research Application to Dr. Gabriela Smeureanu in Room 1320HN


Please NOTE:

(1) You will not be allowed to register for the CHEM 291 or CHEM 491 research courses until after you have been accepted into a research laboratory.

(2) In addition, ALL students registering for CHEM 291 or CHEM 491 MUST complete the designated Laboratory Safety training program and have it RENEWED YEARLY. Permission for those two courses will be given ONLY upon submission of printed copies of ALL certificates of completion. The current Laboratory Safety training program can be accessed online by visiting the Hunter College Office of Environmental Health and Safety's Training page. Read the entire "Laboratory Safety" column carefully. (Be advised that the yearly renewal policy is specific to the Chemistry Department and will take precedence over the "every 3 years" renewal duration written on the training page). Click on the link to "CLMI" when you are ready to take the Safety Training program.

(3) To graduate with Departmental Honors Students must meet the minimum GPA requirement and complete at least 2 semesters of departmental research (1 semester of Chem 291 and 1 semester of Chem 491).