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Student Learning Outcomes for the BA in Chinese Language and Literature


At the conclusion of the program students will be able to:

Language Proficiency

  • Demonstrate the ability to complete tasks such as describe, narrate, compare, and give directions using the target language.
  • Effectively communicate with speakers of the target language by handling simple and complex situations observed in daily life.
  • Comprehend passages or texts in the target language from a variety of genres and topics through listening or reading.
  • Apply linguistic and critical thinking skills to produce written work in the target language on a variety of genres and topics.

Cultural Competence

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge in Chinese history, society, and culture.
  • Analyze and develop perspectives on attributes of contemporary Chinese society and understand continuity and change in the Chinese social system.

Academic/Professional Skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to research, reflect, present findings and engage in academic dialogue.
Chinese Flagship Center

Language Placement

All students who wish to register for CHIN 101 or are new to the Hunter Chinese program must obtain registration permission and language placement. Click here for further information.