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The Faculty


Full-Time Faculty

Ronnie Ancona
Professor; PhD, Ohio State University
Specialties: Latin Poetry, Latin Pedagogy, Women in Classical Antiquity
1402 Hunter West; (212) 772-5065
curriculum vitae
Tamara M. Green
Professor; PhD, New York University
Specialties: Ancient History, Late Antiquity, Greek and Roman Religion
1442 Hunter West; (212) 772-5061
curriculum vitae
Adele J. Haft
Professor and Head of Classics; PhD, Princeton University
Specialties: Epic, especially Homer; Greek Tragedy, Ancient Novel, Maps in Literature, Ancient Sports
1428 Hunter West; (212) 772-5063
curriculum vitae
Robert B. Koehl
Professor and Department Chair; PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Specialties: Aegean Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology
1425 Hunter West; (212) 772-5181
curriculum vitae
Lawrence M. Kowerski III
Associate Professor; PhD, Rutgers University
Specialties: Greek History and Historiography, Early Greek poetry (elegy and lyric), Greek Papyrology
1435 Hunter West; (212) 772-5007
curriculum vitae
Joanne Spurza
Associate Professor; PhD, Princeton University
Specialties: Ancient Roman Art, Archaeology, Architecture, and Urban Design
1401 Hunter West; (212) 772-4962
curriculum vitae


Emeriti (Retired) Faculty

Yvonne Bernardo
Adjunct Assistant Professor
PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Specialties: Cicero, Latin Literature

William J. Mayer
Lecturer; MA, ABD, Columbia University
Specialties: Latin Pedagogy, Cicero, Vergil
curriculum vitae


Sarah B. Pomeroy
Distinguished Professor of Classics and History, Emerita, Hunter College & The Graduate School, CUNY; PhD, Columbia University
Specialties: Women and the Family in Classical Antiquity, Social History, Papyrology

Jacob Stern
Professor of Classics, CUNY Graduate Center
PhD, Columbia University
Specialties: Greek Literature, Mythography, Mythology

Robert J. White
Professor; PhD, Yale University
Specialties: Greek Literature, Classical Mythology, Greek Tragedy, Classics in Translation, Caesar
curriculum vitae


Part-Time Faculty

Jeffrey M. Barnes
Adjunct Assistant Professor
CUNY Graduate Center; J.D. Boston University School of Law, M.A. CUNY Graduate Center, M.Phil CUNY Graduate Center
Specialties: Latin Poetry and Comparative Studies
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

David Clark
Adjunct Assistant Professor
PhD, Columbia University
Specialties: Latin Poetry, Greek and Roman Philosophy
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

Emyr Dakin
Adjunct Lecturer
PhD Student, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Specialties: Hellenistic History, Greek and Roman Religion, Classical Mythology.
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

Kathleen Durkin
Adjunct Lecturer
MA. Hunter College
Specialties: Latin Pedagogy, Classical Mythology
HW1431; (212) 772-4787

Timothy Hanford
Adjunct Lecturer
CUNY Graduate Center
Specialties: Epic Poetry
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

Allannah Karas
Adjunct Lecturer
PhD Student, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Specialties: Greek Rhetoric and Tragedy, Latin Pedagogy, Greek Philosophy
HW 1431; (212) 772-4960

Vassiliki Kekela
Instructor of Modern Greek Literature (300-level)
MS, APD, City University of New York, St. John's University
Specialties: Greek Historical Literature, Foreign Language Education, Applied Psychology
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

G. Elizabeth Korn
Adjunct Lecturer, Classics and English
MPhil, Columbia University
Specialties: Greek and Latin Roots of English, Mythology, Ancient Theatre, Greek and Roman Drama, Women in the Ancient World, The Roman Plays of Shakespeare
HW 1431, (212) 772-4787; HW 1432, (212) 772-5112

Andrea Kouklanakis
Adjunct Lecturer
MA, Harvard University
Specialties: Homer, Greek Poetry, Roman Satire, Classical Scholarship
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

Brian S. Kunkel
Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D candidate, Temple University
Specialties: Art and Archaeology of the Bronze Age Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean,
Socio-Political Evolution and State Formation in Minoan Crete
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

Katherine Lascoutx
Adjunct Lecturer
BA, Hunter College
Specialty: Greek and Latin Roots of English
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

Shawna Leigh
Adjunct Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Specialties: Classical Archaeology, Ancient Technology, Ancient City Planning
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

Aramis L. López
Adjunct lecturer
PhD Student, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Specialties: Ancient Philosophy, Hellenistic Poetry
HW 1431

Joanell M. Meringolo
Adjunct Lecturer
MA, Northeastern University
Specialties: Latin Pedagogy, Curriculum Advisor, Theater for a New Audience
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

Yael Nezer
Graduate Teaching Fellow
PhD candidate, CUNY Graduate Center
Specialties: Early Modern English Literature, Latin Literature, Mythology
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

Nathan D. Oglesby
Adjunct Lecturer
PhD Student, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Specialties: Greek Iambic Poetry
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

Laura O'Neil
Adjunct Lecturer
MPhil, Cambridge University
Specialty: Classical Mythology, Greek and Latin Roots of English
HW1241, (212) 772-4989

Joseph S. Salemi
Adjunct Assistant Professor
PhD, New York University
Specialties: Renaissance English Literature, Neo-Latin Literature, Rhetoric
HW 1431; (718) 788-7938
curriculum vitae

Jared Simard
Adjunct Lecturer
CUNY Graduate Center
Specialties: Latin Poetry, Mythology, Reception Studies
HW 1431; (212)-772-4787

Elias J. Theodoracopoulos
Adjunct Lecturer
BA Columbia College; MA, MPhil Columbia University; PhD cand., Columbia University
Specialties: Greek and Roman epic and drama; Greek and Roman history and historiography; Greek law; Latin and Greek pedagogy; the Classical Tradition
HW 1431; (212) 772-4960

Marina Thomatos
Adjunct Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Edinburgh
Specialties: Archaeology of the Mediterranean, Aegean Prehistory, Greek Bronze and Iron Age
HW 1431; (212) 772-4787

Catherine Venturini
Adjunct Lecturer
MA, Hunter College
Specialties: Latin Poetry, Latin Pedagogy, Roman Coinage


Faculty in Related Areas

Hendrik Dey
Associate Professor, Department of Art and Art History; PhD Classical Art and Archaeology (IPCAA), U. of Michigan
Specialties: Roman, late antique and early medieval architecture and urbanism
1500E Hunter North; (212) 650-3318

Thomas Head
Medieval History (History Department: Professor; PhD, Harvard University)
1507 Hunter West; (212) 772-5484

Gerald Press
Ancient Philosophy, especially Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus and Augustine (Philosophy Department: PhD, University of California, San Diego)
1414 Hunter West; (212) 772-4971; fax: (212) 650-3675

Barbara Sproul
New Testament (Religion: Associate Professor; PhD, Columbia University)
1206 Hunter West; (212) 772-4986

John Wallach
Ancient Greek and Roman Political Theory (Political Science: Professor; PhD, Princeton University)
1721 Hunter West; (212) 772-5671


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