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Hunter College is the only school within the CUNY system that offers courses in Polish language, literature and culture. Polish courses are opened to all interested students who wish to study the language, fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement, receive minor concentration in Polish or take Polish courses as electives.

The Polish Program at Hunter is sponsored by The Kosciuszko Foundation, an American Center for Polish Culture.

Minor Concentration in Polish

A minor in Polish offers an excellent opportunity for students to explore Polish influence in their respective fields such us Slavic and East European areas, film, theater, music, literature, history and political science.

Students interested in specific topics in Polish literature and culture are encouraged to register for Independent Study in Polish, which counts towards the minor pending the program director's approval.

All students who wish to declare a minor concentration in Polish should have the permission of an advisor from their major department.

A minor in Polish consists of no fewer than 12 credits from the Polish language, literature and culture courses at the 200 level.

Foreign Language Requirement

In order to fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement students need to take the full sequence of Polish language courses:

  • POL 101 and 102
  • POL 201 and 202

Elementary Polish I and II

POL 101 3hrs, 3cr. (Fall Semester)
POL 102 3hrs, 3cr. (Spring Semester)

This is a course for absolute beginners. The overall goal of the course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the Polish language, and to develop basic grammatical and communicative skills. In addition to class sessions, students spend a minimum of 1 hour per week at the Hunter Language Lab working with video programs, which gives more opportunity to study the language within the context of everyday Polish life and to expand listening comprehension, vocabulary and oral skills. 

Intermediate Polish I and II

POL 201 (Prereq: POL102) 3hrs 3cr (Fall Semester)
POL 202 (Prereq: POL 201) 3hrs 3cr (Spring Semester)

Continuation of Elementary Polish. The course offers further development of grammatical and communicative skills, as well as standard idiom, in the broader context of Polish culture and everyday life. In addition to class sessions, students complete video homework assignments at the Hunter Language Lab in order to expand listening and oral skills as well as vocabulary.

Courses in Polish Literature and Culture

The Polish Program offers a variety of courses on selected topics in Polish literature, culture and film on the 250 and 260 levels. See the Course Schedule for current offerings.

Summer Program at Jagiellonian University in Krakow

In addition to Polish courses offered at Hunter, students can register through Hunter's Education Abroad Program for a Summer Program at Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

For more information, contact the program's director and see:

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