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2013 Summer Science Institute Application Packet

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Please join us for the Hunter College Now Summer Science Institute. This is your chance to do something exceptional this summer, and the best part of this program is that the courses, the books, your transportation, and even lunch are all FREE! One college class costs around $1,000, and we're paying that for you to be able to earn some college credits before you graduate high school! The Institute will have two components:

  1. Earn college credits in Physics, Epidemiology, Chemistry, Geology, OR Statistics. Further course descriptions are below.
  2. Each credit class will be connected with a non-credit Summer Enrichment Activity (SEA) in the morning that will be fun, exciting, and will compliment your credit class experience.


Credit Courses: Chemistry and Physics will include lectures and lab work; Geology, Epidemiology and Statistics will only include lecture, therefore these classes will end a bit earlier every day.See Table 1 for course descriptions and credit allocations.

TABLE 1 - Course Description

Course Name
Title and Description  
Health 330

  Principles of Epidmiology

  Methods of study of disease; risk factors; distribution, causes, prevention,
  and control of selected diseases.

Chemistry 115/101

  Introductory Chemistry/General Chemistry Laboratory I

An introduction to the fundamental concepts in chemistry including
  atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonding, stoichiometry,
  and solution chemistry. The lab is designed to study experiments
  designed to illustrate fundamental laws and techniques of chemistry.
  This course is designed for students who do not have a Chemistry

Physics 110    

  General Physics

  Introductory course in Mechanics, Heat & Sound.

Statistics 113   



  Discrete probability; descriptive, inferential statistics. Estimation and hypothesis
  testing for normal and binomial means. Class is computer-based and uses
  ActivStats software.

Geology 105


  Introduction to Environmental Geoscience

  Intro to Environmental Geoscience focusing on aspects of global
  change and the interrelationship of earth systems. Review of the
  evolution of the earth from its origins to potential future developments;
  environmental problems and issues.  

Summer Enrichment Activities (SEA)

All students will participate in a non-credit co-curricular workshop that will relate to their credit science or math class. In hands- on and interactive ways, the workshops seek to tie together principles and concepts that will bring the credit class experience to life. Enrichment workshops will take place in the mornings preceding the lunch.




  • In order to qualify for the College Now program, you need to be a rising 11th or 12th grade student (going into 11th or 12th grade in Fall of 2013) in a NYC public HS and you must meet the minimum course criteria as listed in Table 2.
  • You must include a copy of your transcript and a copy of your PSAT or SAT score with your application.
  • Students applying to Physics must have already taken the relevant high school course and Trigonometry with a passing grade of 75 or better.
  • We encourage students to select a course for which they have not already earned a 4 or 5 on the AP exam.
  • In addition to the below mentioned scores, students must possess a GPA of 80 or higher to be eligible for the Hunter College Now Summer Institute.


TABLE 2 - Course Criteria

or Regents Exam
Extra Notes


500 Verbal / 500 Math

50 Verbal / 50 Math

80 ELA / 80 Math

Need both Verbal & Math scores.

500 Verbal / 500 Math
50 Verbal / 50 Math 

80 ELA / 80 Math

Need both Verbal & Math scores.


500 Verbal / 500 Math  
50 Verbal / 50 Math 

80 ELA / 80 Math

Need both Verbal & Math scores.


500 Math 
50 Math 

80 Math

Only Math Scores


 500 Verbal
 50 Verbal

 80 ELA

Only Verbal Scores

If your scores and/or GPA are close enough (whether it be within 5 points of GPA, 5 points in the Regents, 5 points in the PSAT or 50 points in the SAT) to meet our eligibility requirements, you are still encouraged to apply because you will be in our waitlist range.



The program runs Monday through Thursday from July 9th until August 20th. See Table #3 for details.


TABLE 3 - Summer Science Institute Schedule

July 9th to August 20th

    A student enrolled in Physics or Chemistry   

   A student enrolled in Statistics, Epidemiology, or Geology

 Monday through Thursday  

9:30am - 10:50am

Summer Enrichment Activities (SEA)

Summer Enrichment Activities (SEA)

11:00am - 12:00pm



12:00pm - 3:50pm


Lecture (These classes end at 1:50pm)

* Lecture and lab will take place twice a week each, for example, you may have a lecture Mondays and Wednesdays and a lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No classes on Fridays.


TABLE 4 - College Now Application Time line

Date Application Process
May 3, 2013
  Summer deadline; (APPLICATION CLOSES AT 5PM!!!); applications will be reviewed starting on May 6, 2013.
May 31st, 2013
  Notification letters emailed and mailed to applicants.
June 14, 2013
  Deadline for students to RSVP (Survey closes at 5pm!!); Students who do not RSVP by this
  deadline will be dropped from the program, NO EXCEPTIONS!!
July 9, 2013
  First day of Summer program. Those who miss the first day will be dropped. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
 August 20, 2013  
  End of Summer Breakfast.




  • All students must RSVP to confirm their participation in the College Now program. The College Now program at Hunter reserves the right to drop students who do not submit their RSVP by the communicated deadline.
  • Students are required to attend all aspects of the program. Students who fail to do so will be dropped from the program.
  • Attendance policies for program courses and workshops will be enforced to ensure success. Attendance is very critical to a students’ success in the program. Missing classes can cause a student to fall behind and may impact their final grade negatively.
  • Students who drop or withdraw from the program will be required to return class text books and Hunter ID. Students who fail to return College Now property could be charged the full amount of the item.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the Conduct Standards as established by the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Article XV (Appendix E) in the Hunter College Undergraduate Catalog.




  • You can apply online by going to
  • The deadline is May 3, 2013 by 5:00pm.
  • After you apply online, click the link with the parent consent form (Step #3) and have your parent/guardian sign it.
  • Send a copy of your transcript and PSAT/SAT scores along with the parent consent form. You can either drop off, fax or e-mail your scores and parent consent form. All documents must be received by the College Now office by May 3, 2013.



You can contact us by the following:

  • Website:
  • E-Mail:
  • Telephone: Ms. Omyra Gonzalez (212)772-4323 or Mr. Erlyn Mendez (212)772-4486

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