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SuperLink Designed Molecules Trap Cancer Cells in Deadly Cages (Professor Rein Ulijn's work is covered in Scientific American) SuperLink
SuperLink Philosophy’s Lost Body and Soul (Hunter's Linda Martín Alcoff, professor of sociology, is interviewed in the New York Times Opinionator) SuperLink
SuperLink Following the birdsong of science (Science Magazine profiles the extraordinary career of Hunter alumnus Erich Jarvis ’88) SuperLink
SuperLink To Collect Debts, Nursing Homes Are Seizing Control Over Patients (Research from Hunter’s Brookdale Center on Healthy Aging makes the cover of The New Times) SuperLink
SuperLink Success in Life and Basketball (Hunter alumnus Michael Klein '89 remembers his time with Mario Cuomo in City & State) SuperLink
SuperLink Today's college students see no problem with multiracial relationships (Hunter's Erica Chito-Childs, professor of sociology, in USA Today) SuperLink
SuperLink Global Nature: Back to her First Love (Why Isabella Rossellini enrolled at Hunter College to pursue her first love: studying animal behavior.) SuperLink
SuperLink On the anniversery of her birthday, Hunter celebrates the late Gertrude Elion '37, alumnus and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine SuperLink
SuperLink Professor Jeffrey Parsons weighs in on improving adherence to HIV drug SuperLink
SuperLink Hunter’s Emily Braun organizes an Alberto Burri exhibition at the Guggenheim (The New York Times) SuperLink
SuperLink Hunter's School of Nursing and Jonas Center team up for honors program ( SuperLink
SuperLink Hunter Junior Darline Bertil Looks Back on Surviving Haiti's 2010 Earthquake (NY1) SuperLink
SuperLink Peter Carey on His Cyber Thriller ‘Amnesia’ (The Wall Street Journal) SuperLink
SuperLink Give Me a Smile (Hunter's Jonathan Kalb writes in The New Yorker about his experience with Bell's palsy) SuperLink
SuperLink In New York City, a Toll Is Newly Felt as Asians Rise in the Police Ranks (Professor Peter Kwong is quoted in The New York Times) SuperLink
SuperLink The Spice Ingredient That Can Block Bad Memories (Time magazine covers Professor Schafe's research on the curative potential of curcumin) SuperLink
SuperLink See which airlines have the healthiest food (Distinguished Lecturer Charles Platkin's nutritional survey of airline food is covered in USA Today) SuperLink
SuperLink Poll Reveals Hunter College’s Considerable Success at Graduating More Than 50 Percent of African-American Students with Little Fanfare or High Tuition ( SuperLink
SuperLink Easter Eggs Without a Kit (The New York Times interviews Hunter professor and animal behaviorist Mark E. Hauber about his study on the unique bright and glossy eggs of the tinamou bird) SuperLink
SuperLink Hunter's Lucia Stosic '15 Earns ECAC All-Star Accolade SuperLink
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