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Colleen Evans -- Gearing Up for a Career in Media

What brought you to Hunter?

Its world-renowned media program. Hunter's name kept coming up... everyone always talks about how good it is. I feel like every class I go to, Steve Jobs is teaching it. I feel like I'm really learning.

How has your transition to Hunter been?

At first, a little scary. At 29 years old, I sometimes was a little self-conscious about not having a degree.

What's the best part of attending Hunter?

The dynamic teachers; they're awesome, funny, mean, and they're REAL!

What's your plan after graduation... career, grad school, travel, etc.?

I want to work at a local news station or website to help develop content and anchor the stories. I want to be a part of the process... and to lend my voice/perspective.

How do you plan to honor Veterans Day?

Normally, I reach out to older soldiers in different posts that don't typically get a lot of attention... and are sometimes forgotten.  This year I'll be visiting Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island. Older vets want to talk... they want to share their stories, and they want to feel needed.

What did you learn while serving in the military that has helped you succeed at Hunter?

The most important thing that I learned in the Army Reserves is that the world doesn't owe me anything.  I need to make it. It's important that I surround myself with good people and leadership. It's my job to get it. I learned to work hard and to make it happen.

What advice do you have for other military veterans considering going back to college in general?

DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!  Go back! This experience has opened my eyes to things that I never thought about. College helps to develop new ideas. Take a deep breath and go for it! 

About attending Hunter?

Visit your veteran's rep at school and determine what you are looking for... how things work at school, classes and processes. Next, get aligned with the vet community here... there's no other way. Hunter wants us here.

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